Yellow and gray modern interior design, kitchen and living room

It's almost summer in Santa Cruz, and you might be feeling like you want to make some changes to your home.  Trends in fashion move quickly, but that’s not always the case for interior design, as it usually takes a few years for new things to come into (and then fall out of) style.


That being said, for those searching for a new home or for those looking to update their space, it can be helpful to see what’s in and what’s out. Below are some popular trends in interior design for this summer—with alternatives for a bit of a unique spin on things.


Bold Colors to Patterned Tile

In a rejection of the sleek and modern palette of beiges, creams, and grays, bold colors have been quite popular in interior design, specifically within more…

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Aerial view of hands with floor plans, paint samples, fabric swatches, and more

When it comes to updating your space, many homeowners can agree that renovations and interior decorating can be a daunting (and often arduous) task. In fact, this is one of the main reasons that one might decide to put it off for as long as they can—alongside budget constraints, of course—and why first-time homeowners tend to want to find a home that is move-in ready. 

However, for those who are would like to take the first steps of the interior design journey, there are two main options: the DIY route, or the professional route. While a good number of homeowners tackle the project themselves, hiring an interior designer may just be the better choice for you.

What exactly does an interior designer do, and are they different from an interior…

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Modern table setting during holidays with plates and center piece

There are many ways to celebrate the holidays here in Santa Cruz. With exciting events happening each week of December, it’s fun to get out and about and enjoy the city. But many of us also love the simpler things: staying at home and spending time with family and friends. 

Decorating is, of course, quite personal, with some people who aren’t that into it and others that are very into it. Regardless, the process can get a bit tiring, especially for those of us who live busy lives. Beyond the standard tree (for those who celebrate), here are a few easy home decor ideas that will brighten up your home this holiday season.

Blankets, Throw Pillows, and Small Knick Knacks

Perhaps one of the more obvious ones on this list, changing out your throw…

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Autumnal interior decorating with hanging lights in modern kitchen

Design, at its core, is rather cyclical. What is out this year is in the next, and around and around it goes. There are, of course, some staple design trends that return annually, and in fall that usually means darker tones (such as browns, plums, reds, and even oranges) and warmer fabrics—evoking that cozy sort of feeling as the days grow colder.

While the weather in Santa Cruz might not exactly say autumn—at least, not in the picturesque, leaves-beginning-to-turn, postcard sort of way—that doesn’t mean we can’t make the most of it. For those who dream about temperatures in the 50s and 60s, here are some fall design trends for 2023 that, at the very least, elicit that autumnal feel. 


Silver Over Gold

In an interesting and…

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Townsend's Warbler in sitting in a Santa Cruz tree

From tiny rabbits to curious bobcats, Santa Cruz County is home to a number of amazing species. We often don't think too much about the animals in our neighborhood, even though we share the same spaces every day. In fact, many of them are closer to home than we might think!

As much as we love Santa Cruz County for its abundant wildlife, we also prefer that these animals stay outside. Read on for more information about protecting your property from our most favorite critters—so that all of us can enjoy our homes.

Check Your Windows and Doors

If you have a screen in your windows, check for rips or tears where bugs might find their way in. Anyone who has a screen in their windows knows that bugs sometimes get inside your home regardless. You…

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Modern, Art Deco-inspired living room in white

As we (desperately) wish for spring to arrive in beautiful Santa Cruz County, you may feel like your home needs a little bit of a refresh. Whether that means grabbing some new throw pillows or completely renovating your bathroom is up to you! But before you make any changes, there are a few interior design trends for spring 2023 that you may want to consider for your space. 

From bright colors to bold shapes, we're seeing a lot of fresh styles floating around. If you’re lost for ideas or just want some inspiration, then keep reading below as we outline some of the biggest trends in interior design this season.

Earth Tones

Building off of the popularity of the color green over the previous years, we’re also seeing a shift towards other earth…

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Well-dressed group of friends with sparklers at rooftop New Year's party


It’s the start of a new year. From our family to yours, we wish you a very happy 2023! 

The last few months seemed like they flew by; one moment it was the beginning of autumn, and the next moment we were counting down to welcome 2023 with fireworks. Before you know it, the first few months of the new year will fly by, and it’ll be the end of spring. That’s why now is the best time to make some resolutions for your Santa Cruz area home.

Here’s our list of three simple and easy New Year’s resolutions for your home, that everyone can keep!

Take The Time To Organize

One of the most important things you should do this year… is also the one that many people love to put off. Although this might be a quick and simple task for some,…

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Santa Cruz is known for its harsh snowstorms and freezing winters—just kidding. But for many, the winter season is one of staying in, spending time with family and friends, and finishing up things in order to prepare for the end of the year. It’s also a time where we begin to think of little changes, updates, and improvements, especially around the home. 

While interior decorating trends might not move as quickly as, say, fashion, each year does see new styles come and go. As the year draws to a close, here are our top interior design trends for 2023. If you’re thinking of refreshing your space, consider some of the tips below. 

Beautiful room with yellow couch and pops of color

Pops of Color

While neutral tones in interior design have been a trend for many, many years. And neutrals have…

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As the seasons begin to change (and the weather cools down a little bit!), you might find yourself longing for a bit of a change. Clearing out some of the clutter or moving things around can be a great way to refresh your space—but what if you want a more dramatic change? 

Updating your bedroom is sometimes considered low-priority, however there are still some quick, easy, and budget-friendly ways to change the look of this space. Whether you’re thinking of moving within the Santa Cruz area and giving your bedroom an upgrade before listing, or if you just want to switch things up a bit, here are five simple tips and tricks to achieve a fun new look!

White and brown blankets and pillows

Pillowcases and Throw Blankets

Changing the entirety of your bedding can become expensive…

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As we make our way through September, many are anticipating the changing of the season. Autumn means that numerous events and holidays are fast approaching in the Santa Cruz area, and sometimes these things make us long for a little bit of a change. A fresh coat of paint or a new centerpiece can really transform a space—especially for one as frequently used as the kitchen!


For those looking to switch things up, here are the top 5 kitchen design trends that we love the most for the upcoming fall season.


Beautiful modern green kitchen

Go Green

The color of 2022 is most definitely green. From gathering attention on the runway to a pop of color in your kitchen backsplash, green has been everywhere this year—and we think it’s going to stick around for a while.

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