Whether it’s your first home or your fifth, people need someone they can trust to help sell it.

Trust comes from talent, experience, and knowing exactly what tools and strategy a property specialist will use to help sell your house.

Listing and selling a home in today’s competitive Santa Cruz real estate market is an art form, and one that Lauren Spencer is incredibly skillful at. In addition to her negotiation skills, she has fine-tuned her marketing techniques over the last 35 years to be able to net the absolute highest price for every one of her clients.

Here are some of the specific ways that Lauren Spencer is able to market your Santa Cruz home.

Pre-sale Cosmetic Consultation of the Home

The cosmetic consultation of the home is a…

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The fantastic Santa Cruz community -- and all that it has to offer -- has made it the dream place to live. Now, due to the global pandemic, more people are working from home than ever before, which begs the question -- if you can work from home, why not work from Santa Cruz, California?

According to a PEW poll conducted in October 2020 by the PEW Research Center, about 7 out of 10 workers say their job can be done remotely, and are now teleworking all or most of the time. The way we work has changed, and it has allowed many of our home offices to be located wherever we want!

Here are a few reasons why working from home in Santa Cruz, California could be the happiest life decision you’ve ever made.

The Nearby Weekend Getaways

Santa Cruz is…

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