Aerial view of a diner eating a variety of Mexican dishes


There are two types of diners: those who have to study the menu before choosing a restaurant, and those who understand that Mexican food is always delicious, no matter what.

When it comes to cuisine, the city of Santa Cruz represents a wide reach across the globe. From east to west, there are a variety of options for every taste and for a range of budgets: fun, relaxed meals with the family to fine dining on date night. And, across the city, there are a number of excellent, casual Mexican restaurants to choose from—but here are just a few of our favorites!

Taqueria Santa Cruz

2215 Mission Street, Santa Cruz


Defined by their diners as “comfort food”, Taqueria Santa Cruz offers delicious, authentic Mexican food in a laid-back…

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Autumnal interior decorating with hanging lights in modern kitchen

Design, at its core, is rather cyclical. What is out this year is in the next, and around and around it goes. There are, of course, some staple design trends that return annually, and in fall that usually means darker tones (such as browns, plums, reds, and even oranges) and warmer fabrics—evoking that cozy sort of feeling as the days grow colder.

While the weather in Santa Cruz might not exactly say autumn—at least, not in the picturesque, leaves-beginning-to-turn, postcard sort of way—that doesn’t mean we can’t make the most of it. For those who dream about temperatures in the 50s and 60s, here are some fall design trends for 2023 that, at the very least, elicit that autumnal feel. 


Silver Over Gold

In an interesting and…

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Two kids and their dog celebrating Halloween in the living room

It’s almost time for trick-or-treating! Some might already have a costume prepared, while others might just figure it out last-minute, but regardless, there are numerous events around Santa Cruz County—for all ages!—that are perfect for celebrating the spookiest season in 2023. 

As an important note, most events have some regulations when it comes to costumes. This usually restricts vulgar or profane language, weaponry, and sometimes masks. Those choosing to attend any of the events are encouraged to read up on what is and what is not allowed ahead of time. 

Community Parades & Trick-Or-Treating

For the kids, the best part of Halloween is probably the candy—although dressing up is pretty great, too. When trick-or-treating with the little…

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