Best places to live in Santa Cruz County if you love to eat

As a major urban center and home to over 60,000 people, Santa Cruz is not only an excellent place to raise a family, but a great place to explore a wide range of dining options. With over 300 restaurants in the city, there's plenty of opportunities to test new flavors, delight in the comfort of classic family favorites, and challenge your palate no matter where you are in the city.

Here are a few local hot spots that you should explore if food is your passion as well as brief description of the homes you'd find in each of these neighborhoods.

Santa Cruz Waterfront

Homes along the waterfront aren't just contemporary luxury houses. With their elegant exteriors and vibrant designs they embody the Californian beachfront lifestyle. Many of them…

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After years in the workforce, it’s finally time to step into retirement and enjoy life. Retiring is an exciting life transition. As you finally begin to properly relax, there are many decisions to be made on how to enjoy these golden years. Once the kids have gone their ways and the home becomes more than what they need, many retirees choose to relocate or move to a new home better suited for retired individuals.

While shopping for a retirement house or condo, there are many things you need to consider. Of course, there are the logistical considerations such as the price and mortgage, but there are also other choices that will have a direct impact on you'll enjoy your retirement.

Here are several things to look for in a retirement home:

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While Black Friday is considered to be the official kickoff to the holiday shopping season, those with a proactive mindset are likely already halfway done. From Playstations to VR headsets and drones to fitness trackers, this year is all about the tech, especially in California where we're at the epicenter of it all. Beyond the gizmos and gadgets, there’s another emerging trend that we couldn’t be more excited to promote, and that's locally produced handmade goods.

Santa Cruz is filled with homegrown talent; you just have to know where to find it. Give back to the local economy, support arts and culture, and give awesome gifts your friends will remember for years to come, it’s a win-win!

Check out this year’s hot Christmas craft fairs in Santa…

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Living in Santa Cruz has endless benefits. Not only are we close to the coast with beautiful views and exceptional weather, but we are also proud to live in a community on the brink of technology with neighbors who may be working on making the world a better place to live.

Why not take this sentiment home and opt for a few eco-friendly changes to your lifestyle that will help save money on energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint?

Try some of these tips today:

Improve Your AC Efficiency

If you run an air conditioner in the summer, make sure it’s working at peak efficiency by investing in AC maintenance and keeping your air filters clean. Other ways to reduce air conditioning costs is by running a ceiling fan and keeping your curtains…

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