Man hitting a golf ball on a golf course. Photo by Peter Drew on Unsplash


Located off of Graham Hill Road, in the beautiful hills north of Santa Cruz, Pasatiempo is a desirable luxury community with a lot to offer. 

Primarily known for its highly-rated golf course, Pasatiempo (Spanish: “Pastime") is classified as a census-designated place with a population of around 1,300 people—a number which has remained quite steady in the past decade. For those seeking a peaceful alternative to the upbeat city of Santa Cruz, Pasatiemo offers that luxury and more.

Private Lifestyle

Three miles north of the Santa Cruz downtown (about a 10-minute drive, traffic depending) is the private community of Pasatiempo. Offering unrivaled privacy, most of the homes in this area are found behind a gated entrance with surveillance.…

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Silhouettes of people walking along Santa Cruz beach during sunset. Photo by Chris Leipelt on Unsplash

You’ve heard the saying, “April showers bring May flowers.” For Santa Cruz residents, however, the rain might just be getting to be a bit too much. Despite the weather recently, it’s always a great idea to get out and explore what the city has to offer.

This month, there are a multitude of outdoor—and indoor, for those really rainy days!—events being hosted in the downtown area, for a range of different interests. From cycling through the city to story time for kids, there’s so much happening this April in Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz Earth Day

April 22nd is officially Earth Day, an event that seeks to generate awareness regarding climate change, sustainability, energy, and more, usually culminating in an hour-long blackout. As this falls on a…

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Luxury homes along the Santa Cruz waterfront

For the past few years, the real estate market in the Santa Cruz metro area has seen some changes—most significantly that housing prices continue to rise, despite a number of external factors (i.e. a pandemic, a rising cost of living) that would typically cause average prices to stagnate or even fall. Of course, this is true of most areas across the state, but it can be a bit disheartening, particularly for first-time homebuyers.


If you’re considering buying or selling a home in and around Santa Cruz, the following information may help you better understand the market before you make your decision.

What’s The Santa Cruz Real Estate Market Like?

Comparing data from both the state of California and the metro area of Santa Cruz, there are a…

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Exterior of the Landmark's Del Mar Theater and marquee in Santa Cruz, CA

Located at 1124 Pacific Avenue in Santa Cruz, Landmark’s Del Mar Theatre offers a historic movie-going experience. Its marquee, instantly-recognizable, lights up with both local films and international blockbusters, making it a diverse experience tailored to both casual movie watchers and die-hard cinephiles. Or, Die Hard cinephiles.

Landmark’s Del Mar Theatre: A History

Landmark’s Del Mar Theatre resides in a beautiful Art Deco style building, which was first constructed in 1936, and has been a, well, landmark of the Santa Cruz downtown for just as long. Though the building has changed and gone through maintenance and renovations, it has retained many of its original features. Its last major renovation was completed in 2002. 

The theater…

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Lily of the valley flowers falling over open book with heart made out of pages

From hiking along the first trails to chatting over a cup of coffee, there are a multitude of romantic ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Santa Cruz—but sometimes the best company is that of a really great book! 

Searching for your next favorite read? Here are some of our top picks for novels set in California, spanning a range of genres as diverse as the state itself.

Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler

Science Fiction (Dystopian)

Originally published in the early 90s, Parable of the Sower takes place in the year 2024, and follows the main character, Lauren. After a series of events in her small, protected community, Lauren treks across the northern Californian wilderness to find safety, and in the process founding her own…

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Welcome sign in rock at Big Basin Redwoods State Park


20 minutes north of the community of Boulder Creek lies Big Basin Redwoods State Park: a gem of Santa Cruz County. This gorgeous park is a favorite of nearby residents and out-of-county visitors for its intricate trail network that weaves through its expansive, old-growth forest.

Discover why a day trip to Big Basin Redwoods State Park makes for the perfect excursion for passionate hikers and nature-lovers living in Santa Cruz.

Big Basin Redwoods State Park: An Overview

21600 Big Basin Highway, Boulder Creek

Situated within the mountains, Big Basin Redwoods State Park first opened in 1902, making it the oldest state park in California. Open daily, the park spans about 18,000 acres in size, emerging as a popular attraction for…

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Aerial view of hands with floor plans, paint samples, fabric swatches, and more

When it comes to updating your space, many homeowners can agree that renovations and interior decorating can be a daunting (and often arduous) task. In fact, this is one of the main reasons that one might decide to put it off for as long as they can—alongside budget constraints, of course—and why first-time homeowners tend to want to find a home that is move-in ready. 

However, for those who are would like to take the first steps of the interior design journey, there are two main options: the DIY route, or the professional route. While a good number of homeowners tackle the project themselves, hiring an interior designer may just be the better choice for you.

What exactly does an interior designer do, and are they different from an interior…

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Surfers on boards in the Santa Cruz ocean. Photo by Emily Hoehenrieder on Unsplash

Santa Cruz, California didn’t get its nickname, “The Surf City”, for no reason. Originally incorporated in the year 1866, the area has a long and rich history dating back thousands of years. Part of that history, of course, includes the sport of surfing—now a popular pastime for both locals and tourists alike. 


Santa Cruz has cultivated its surf culture for over a hundred years, starting out, perhaps, in a surprising way. Discover how Santa Cruz became The Surf City below.

Santa Cruz: A History, In Brief

Located on the north end of Monterey Bay, Santa Cruz is a beautiful city recognized for its vibrant culture and luxury (sometimes oceanfront) properties. 


With a population of around 63,000, the Santa Cruz area was originally…

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Humpback whale breaching water in Monterey, CA

Situated along the coast of Monterey Bay, the city of Santa Cruz is recognized for its exceptional location, with San Jose and Silicon Valley to the north, and mountain ranges around all three sides. With its many amenities and attractions, it's no wonder why this area is an especially desirable one to buy a home.


With its prime location on the water comes one of the best attractions in the area: whale watching. Of course, when it comes to spotting whales in their natural habitat, anyone will tell you that a lot of it is luck. 


It’s possible to see whales in this area all year around (although different species are more common during certain seasons). For all those interested, here are a few whale watching basics. 


What Can…

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Modern table setting during holidays with plates and center piece

There are many ways to celebrate the holidays here in Santa Cruz. With exciting events happening each week of December, it’s fun to get out and about and enjoy the city. But many of us also love the simpler things: staying at home and spending time with family and friends. 

Decorating is, of course, quite personal, with some people who aren’t that into it and others that are very into it. Regardless, the process can get a bit tiring, especially for those of us who live busy lives. Beyond the standard tree (for those who celebrate), here are a few easy home decor ideas that will brighten up your home this holiday season.

Blankets, Throw Pillows, and Small Knick Knacks

Perhaps one of the more obvious ones on this list, changing out your throw…

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