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Thank-you for choosing us as your real estate team in Santa Cruz. From our family to yours, the team at My Santa Cruz Real Estate wishes you a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving. We're sincerely grateful for all of the wonderful people we've connected with over the years and look forward to continuing to help residents of Santa Cruz find the perfect homes for them. 

If you're thinking about a new home, send us a message and we'll be happy to help you get started. 

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What Is A Second Mortgage & Why Would You Need It?

What are second mortgagesA second mortgage is essentially an additional loan that’s taken out on your home or property that’s already mortgaged. Homeowners choose to do this for a variety of reasons, but is always comes down to needing a large sum of money to pay for something, be it home renovations or expensive fixes to the property. Since mortgage rates tend to have a lower interest rate than other forms of credit, like credit cards and car loans, some people choose to consolidate their debts by using a second mortgage to pay off everything else.

Homeowners with good credit and have at least 20% equity in their current home can often receive a home equity line of credit. These interest rates tend to be fairly low.…

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Parking can affect home prices in Santa CruzOut of all the prerequisites that are typically on a homebuyers ‘must-have’ list, parking is almost always a big priority. 

A recent study by recently discovered just how much people are paying for each additional parking space on average across the country, and the numbers are quite surprising. It also greatly depends on what kind of parking is being included, whether it be above ground, sheltered, built-in garage, on-street, or otherwise. Across the United States, most homes include two parking spaces, but can range anywhere upwards of that, for a premium. 

The study compared single-family homes for sale between January 1 and October 31 to get a sense of the average cost for each parking spot. What’s surprising was the 11.45% price…

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What Are closing costs in Santa Cruz?So, you’ve found the perfect homes for sale in Santa Cruz and have already been approved for a mortgage. All that’s left is for you to finalize the deal and the home is yours! Sounds pretty straight forward, right? But closing costs have a tendency to sneak up on buyers (especially first-timers) that get so caught up in the excitement of house shopping that they completely forget about them, that is until they want to seal the deal. 

What Are Closing Costs?

Whenever you buy a home, there are quite often a number of additional costs to cover the cost of third-party and lender fees. These fees are called the ‘closing costs’, and include all of the costs that are incurred along the way, like lawyers, appraisers, documentation, and so on. Closing…

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