New construction vs resale homes in santac cruz california

The homebuying process can be difficult.

When looking for a home, there are so many things to consider, such as location, homestyle, and budget. And another important aspect to consider is whether you want to buy resale or new construction.

Santa Cruz real estate has a generous mix of both resale and new construction homes, giving homebuyers plenty of choice.

But what’s the difference between one and the other? Which is better?

Believe it or not, there are crucial differences between the two home styles—all of which could make you rethink what’s best for you.

Here are the differences between buying a resale vs. new construction home in Santa Cruz, CA:

Energy Efficiency and Green Building

Energy efficiency is becoming a high…

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how to get your santa cruz home open house ready

Spring is the best time of year to sell your home in Santa Cruz.

The school year is wrapping up and homebuyers are starting their home searches for the summer.

This means that there’s no better time to list your home and to host an open house!

Open houses are the best way to get potential homebuyers into your home so that they can see it for all its worth.

And since it’s important to make a good impression, you’ll want to prepare your home for this event.

Follow these tips on how to get your Santa Cruz home open house ready so you can make the most out of your event:

Clean Anything and Everything

Tidying up your home before an open house may seem obvious. But it requires a little more effort than just vacuuming and doing the…

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Guide to camping in santa cruz

Spring is upon us, which means everyone in Santa Cruz can once again enjoy all the wonderful activities that make this city one of the best places to live in California.

One of the most popular activities to do in Santa Cruz is camping. And there’s no wonder why.

Santa Cruz has countless state parks and campgrounds that are home to dense redwood forests and miles of tree-lined trails.

The natural beauty alone is enough to attract people from all over the place to camp in these state forests.

So, if you’re planning on joining in on the fun, here’s the ultimate guide to camping in Santa Cruz:

  • Where to Camp
  • When to Camp
  • Tips for Camping in Santa Cruz

Where to Camp in Santa Cruz

There are tons of spots in and around…

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 Staging your Santa Cruz Home

In Santa Cruz’s competitive real estate market, you need all the tools you can get to sell your home quickly and for the best price possible.

One of the most useful tools is a firm marketing strategy. And the best way to market a home is to make it attractive to all types of homebuyers.

This is where staging comes in.

Staging is one of the biggest advantages you can give your home in the Santa Cruz market because it puts your space above and beyond the average.

But does staging actually work? Is it worth all the money spent?

Learn the facts behind the myths about professionally staging your Santa Cruz home:

MYTH #1: Professional Home Stagers are Too Expensive

Fact: Professional home staging is more affordable than you think. The…

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