make the most of your santa cruz home during quarantine

There are signs out there that shelter in place restrictions are starting to ease.

But, the advice is still to stay home as much as possible to avoid the public and flatten the curve. But all that you know.

With all this free time at home, you have to come up with something to fill the hours. There are only so many 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles, true crime podcasts and Netflix series to binge watch. Eventually, you’ll find yourself in a productive mood.

With that in mind, here are a few ways you can make the most of your Santa Cruz home during quarantine.

Re-arrange Your Home

Shelter in place restrictions are in place, so even if you were to go out, you can accurately expect long, socially-distanced line ups to get into your favorite…

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For gardening enthusiasts in Santa Cruz, spring and summer are an exciting time of year.

It’s when you can really let your green thumb guide you and create a beautiful garden in your home. Whether you prefer perennials or produce, there’s no doubt that a Santa Cruz home garden is a great addition to your property.

Gardening not only offers stress relief, it’s also environmentally friendly and helps add gorgeous lush greenery to your property.

Plus, many of us are finding ourselves with a little more free time at home lately. Are you considering hopping on the urban agriculture train?

Here are some of the best fruits and vegetables to plant in Santa Cruz:

Popular Vegetables

One of the best things about living in California is the…

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listings spotlight: 63 ortlaton ave in west santa cruz, ca

This classic single-level home in beautiful, sunny West Santa Cruz is all about wide-open spaces and bringing the outside in. From the entryway, you are greeted by a simple elegance that is highlighted by high ceilings, recessed lighting and huge skylights. The brilliant California sunshine fills every corner!

The natural aesthetic is also reflected in the stunning maple wood floors throughout 63 Ortalon Avenue. In the kitchen, the granite counter tops are a perfect contrast to the beautiful maple cabinets and the state-of-the-art, chef-grade appliances.

As is often the case, the literal and figurative center of the home is the living room, and this one doesn't disappoint. The wide-open space features a stucco-framed fireplace and a wonderful…

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buying a home in santa cruz during a pandemic

It’s become somewhat cliche, but these are certainly unpredictable, and unprecedented, times.

Springtime is traditionally the start of the hot selling season in real estate markets across the United States, but of course, Spring 2020 is anything but ordinary.

Communities affected by the COVID-19 pandemic have gone to varying degrees of shut down, with many businesses closing completely, while others have had to significantly change the way they operate.

With all this going on and many jobs being lost, it’s not surprising that many may be a little hesitant to jump into the real estate market.

It’s Actually a Great Time to Buy

Despite what you might think, it’s actually a uniquely great time to buy.

A number of market conditions have…

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