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Design, at its core, is rather cyclical. What is out this year is in the next, and around and around it goes. There are, of course, some staple design trends that return annually, and in fall that usually means darker tones (such as browns, plums, reds, and even oranges) and warmer fabrics—evoking that cozy sort of feeling as the days grow colder.

While the weather in Santa Cruz might not exactly say autumn—at least, not in the picturesque, leaves-beginning-to-turn, postcard sort of way—that doesn’t mean we can’t make the most of it. For those who dream about temperatures in the 50s and 60s, here are some fall design trends for 2023 that, at the very least, elicit that autumnal feel. 


Modern interior decorating with silver accent vase on chair

Silver Over Gold

In an interesting and unforeseen turn of events, we’re seeing the growing popularity of silver-toned accents—and not only in interior design. Runway collections from various fashion houses have introduced more silver-toned hardware options on handbags, clothes, and jewelry, which could be the influence behind this growing trend. 

Gold is seen as a classic; a rich and refined sort of color. In contrast, silver is often thought of as fresh, young, and rather edgy. This trend is not limited to the fall (we started seeing it in the summer, as well), but it’s rather fascinating to see it pop up at this time of year—where warm tones are often the standard. 

For those who can’t fully jump on the silver trend, mixing metals (an act that was generally considered to be a faux pas on several levels for a very long time) is an option. However, if doing this, consider the tones of the metal for each color; a champagne gold works better with silver than a brassier antique gold. Of course, all this is up to you!

Mixing & Matching

Like art movements, interior design trends generally work in ways that reject and oppose the previous style. So, alongside the minimalist trend, there has been a steady increase in interest surrounding the ideas of maximalism—something apparently Californians lean towards regardless!

Maximalism (the idea of, in simplest terms, a lot) is founded on several tenets, once of which being mixing and matching. Likely supported by growing sustainability efforts and the rise of thrifting, selecting several bold prints, colors, and designs in one space doesn’t always have to result in, well, nightmare fuel. This is especially true of mixing wood tones. Again, previously thought to be a no-no, this can actually work if the tones are similar (i.e. do not mix warm and cool). Patterned wallpapers, rich colors, and textures (such as velvets and corduroys) are definitely on trend this fall.


Orange and green interior design accents in modern corner nook

Be Bold: In Color And Style

This trend comes at no surprise, as autumn is typically where people bring out some of their richest colors, namely red. But a whole wealth of colors are popping up in interior design, whether or not they qualify as “fall colors” or not. Perhaps this is because people are tired of the sleek—albeit plain and beige—contemporary style, perhaps this is a callback to previous decades, or perhaps this is something different altogether. No matter the reason, we’re seeing a more playful take on design.


Developing your own personal style, one that doesn’t necessarily follow trends, but one that you feel that you’ll like for many years to come, is probably the best interior design advice that one can give. 

Quick DIYs To Give Your Home An Upgrade

There are endless, quick DIYs to help give your home a refresh. The important thing to remember that it doesn't have to break the bank, especially if you're switching out home decor seasonally. In some cases, the best stuff can be found at placed like the Dollar Tree—all it needs is a little imagination. Nevertheless, here are a few ideas:

  • Upcycling at thrift or vintage shops

  • Painting an old piece to make it look and feel new

  • Playing with shapes, textures, colors—and the glue gun!—to create new accent pieces

  • Switching out lampshades or light fixtures
  • Adding new throw blankets and pillows for a new pop of color

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