Santa Cruz is irresistible during the summertime with its dreamy beaches and world-renowned surfing waves.

People from across the nation relocate to Santa Cruz during this time, hoping to make the city’s vacation lifestyle their reality.

The influx of buyers during the summer makes this the perfect time to sell your home!

But it also makes the summer the most competitive time to sell a home. You’ll want to make sure your home stands out of the crowd so you can get the best offer possible and fast.

Here are five home selling tips to prepare your Santa Cruz home for the market this summer season:

1. Use the Weather to Your Advantage

Santa Cruz is beautiful all year round, but especially during the summer when the greenery is lush and…

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Nestled in the Santa Cruz mountains, Scotts Valley is the gateway to the coastal redwood forests and some of California’s most incredible state parks. Scotts Valley is the place to be for those who love nature. With massive forested areas and streaming creeks found around the city, there are seemingly endless opportunities to get outdoors.

Scotts Valley's Diverse Real Estate

Homes for sale in Scotts Valley range in size and price, making this community welcoming to all types of buyers. You can find anything from new construction homes to mature properties to luxury estates.

You can find California beach houses and mid-century modern builds. These homes are found on massive lots that are shaded by mature trees. Scotts Valley homes for sale…

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"Going green" has been big news in real estate for some time now. The benefits are undeniable: less waste, more savings, and the growing appeal to an ever expanding market of environmentally conscious home buyers.

Going green isn't just about recycling your trash, turning the lights off, or the ol' brick-in-the-cistern trick. And we're also some ways past the era of simply putting a solar panel and some extra insulation on a home and calling it "green".

So, where are we in the race towards sustainability? Well 2019 is set to be great for exciting new innovations, as well as some interesting variations on older ideas.

Read on to find out more...

Green Home Construction

More and more, the drive towards greener homes is taking into…

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