Questions To Ask When Buying A Home

Questions to ask when buying a home

Take this checklist along when you visit a home. Make note of your own observations, and ask about anything you may not see on your own, these will help you understand the questions to ask when buying a home.

Things to know range from mechanical systems, maintenance, possible repairs and more. Stay on top of any "hidden" costs or surprises down the road with some upfront investigation!

1. What is the visible condition of the property?

Poor exterior condition may spell problems inside.
Your notes:

2. Does the house require major repairs or replacements?

Major repairs, such as a new roof, can be costly. Consider these costs if you decide to make an offer.
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3. How old are the mechanical systems?

Consider the cost of replacing older systems if you decide to make an offer:

  • Electrical ______Years
  • Plumbing ______Years
  • Heating ______Years
  • Air Conditioning ______Years

4. Has the house been well maintained?

Questions to ask when buying a home include asking the sellers if they have kept any maintenance records.
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5. Where is the house located on the block?

Corner lots can be spacious, but exposed to more traffic and noise. Interior lots can be quieter but too close to neighbors.
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6. How is the house sited on the lot?

Be sure the area around the house is graded properly to provide good drainage.
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7. Are there noteworthy architectural features?

Front porches, gables or other details add value to the property.
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8. Are there noteworthy landscaping features?

Established trees, shrubbery and perennials add value to the property.
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9. What is the condition of the houses on either side and across the street?

If neighboring properties are too run-down, they may affect your resale value.
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10. What is the surrounding neighborhood like?

Look for evidence of a sense of identity, and pride of ownership in the other homes.
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11. How close is the property to shopping and schools?

Nearby services can also add value.
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12. Are there community amenities nearby?

Parks or recreation centers can add value to the property.
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13. How long has the house been on the market?

A long time on the market may indicate problems with the house or neighborhood that you need to know.
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