Where California's redwood forests meet the shining sea, just east of Santa Cruz, you'll find the charming community of Aptos climbing the hills above the Pacific Ocean. Beautiful beaches, boutique shopping, and secluded villas await here in this paradise on the sea.

The community of Aptos is bisected north to south by the legendary Highway 1, aka Cabrillo Highway. To the west of this route are winding streets with single-family homes in various beachy styles. Clustered around the highway itself are various condo and townhome complexes, cascading down the hillsides to provide outstanding views to their residents. And east of the highway, nestled in the surrounding hills, are Aptos' luxury homes in Mediterranean, and Ranch-modern styles.


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With the increase of so many ways to safely and efficiently rent a property, more homeowners are considering buying a vacation home.

Owning your own vacation spot is an obvious advantage to investing in an additional property, as well as the possible opportunities that come from renting it out to others. Whether you are able to do that or not, there’s still ways to make and save money with a vacation home.

Renting a vacation home has been a popular choice for people, especially in a beautiful coastal community like Santa Cruz. What’s been steadily rising in popularity is the end of renting a vacation home with the intent to buy, and there are many reasons why.

Especially with the help of the professional, dedicated, and award winning Lauren…

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