One of California's best hidden gem communities, Rio del Mar is one of several beautiful villages that make up Aptos. Central to the area, Rio del Mar is mainly a resort style community that's full of plenty of scenic parks and golf courses. Homes in Rio del Mar are noteworthy for their beautiful streets, lined with cypress trees to welcome residents home. 

To celebrate this incredible beachfront area, we're dedicating this blog post to the many things Rio del Mar has to offer. Read on to learn more about what life is like in this scenic California community!

View of pier typical of Rio del Mar real estate

Real Estate In Rio del Mar

Rio del Mar homes for sale are great options for those looking to live in one of the finest spots in the Aptos area. Many of these homes have the unique charm…

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These days, homebuyers are looking for many specific features and benefits when they are purchasing a new house. However, some of the most popular features are of the eco-friendly variety.

In today’s world, energy consumption is something that is on everyone’s mind. Eco-friendly living is a great way to save money, help the environment, and live a happy and healthy life too! If you’re committed to sustainable living, why not start with the house you live in.

Here are 5 things to look for when purchasing an eco-friendly home:

1. Make Sure Your REALTOR® is on Board

Years ago, people were not as concerned with the environment or being eco-friendly. If you asked a REALTOR® to help you find an eco-friendly home, you would most likely get some…

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You’ve found the perfect home for sale in Santa Cruz and a mortgage loan with the best interest rate you can find. What’s next in the home buying experience?


It's time to sign the contracts, ensure the contingencies are covered, and pay your portion of the closing costs.

But what exactly are closing costs?

These are the most common closing costs in Santa Cruz real estate (click for a full description of each):

  • Title Fees
  • Recording Fees
  • Appraisal Fee
  • Mortgage Application Fee
  • Inspection Fees
  • Points
  • Brokerage Commission
  • Underwriting Fees
  • Property Tax

Understanding Home Buyer Closing Costs

While working with a real estate agent comes at no cost to you as a buyer, there are still fees you may be…

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The Ultimate Guide To Santa Cruz Oceanfront Homes

Dreaming of lazy days spent on the beach with a gentle salty-air breeze?

A Santa Cruz oceanfront home is the answer. With miles of coastline, there is a Santa Cruz oceanfront property for just about everyone.

Santa Cruz oceanfront properties offer the ultimate beachside oasis and range in sizes from mid-range bungalows to sprawling luxury estates.

Calling Santa Cruz home, you'll enjoy many benefits including: year-round warm weather, a laid-back lifestyle, and a less densely populated area than other popular waterfront communities along northern California's rugged coast.

Check Out The Latest Waterfront Listings in Santa Cruz!

Here's what you need to know to start your oceanfront home search:

  • Will this be your primary or a…

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Santa Cruz is home to an impeccable public school system and a highly rated health care system to boot, making it an ideal location for family life.

Before you embark on your real estate search in Santa Cruz, check out this list of Santa Cruz neighborhoods for growing families - and gain insight on the best communities to suit your family's needs.

Scotts Valley

Scotts Valley is currently experiencing rapid development in regards to new construction homes and retail opportunities. Located just 6 miles from the iconic beaches of Santa Cruz, and 30 minutes from San Jose’s Silicon Valley, this family-oriented neighborhood offers a substantial assortment of single-family homes to discover.

Young families are especially attracted to Scotts…

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santa cruz vs san jose: a cost & lifestyle comparison

San Jose is “just over the hill” from our smaller community, but there is a world of difference between the two, both in cost of living and the quality of life.

We’ve already covered why home buyers are choosing Santa Cruz over larger centers like San Francisco. The same is true for San Jose.

San Jose is the third most populous city in California, after Los Angeles and San Diego. Its population of over one million residents dwarfs Santa Cruz's 60,000. A comparison of Santa Cruz and San Jose is really like comparing apples and oranges.

San Jose is a major commercial hub and the center of Silicon Valley, and Santa Cruz is a sleepy hamlet by the sea in comparison. A lot of the decision making will be personal preference and we wear our personal…

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lions gate bridge in san francisco, ca

Home buyers are choosing Santa Cruz.

And the reason are clear: The wonderfully picturesque coastal community boasts incredible year-round weather, not to mention miles upon miles of breathtaking beaches.

This is just one of several reasons why homebuyers are choosing Santa Cruz over the more major big-city of San Francisco, less than two hours to the north. Let’s explore what else Santa Cruz has going for it.

A Lower Cost of Living

Housing is almost certainly the number one cost of living for residents of any city. And this in this regard, Santa Cruz home owners are laughing. The cost of purchasing a home is as much as 50% higher in San Francisco in some cases. The median price of a home in Santa Cruz is $909,500 compared to $1,378,300 in…

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the do's & don'ts of buying investment property in santa cruz, ca

With beautiful beaches, a charming small-town atmosphere, and plenty of real estate options, it's little wonder why Santa Cruz is one of the most popular coastal communities in California. When you invest in Santa Cruz real estate at the right time, at the right price, it is proven to be a solid investment— whether it's you're looking for something to rent out to long-term tenants or a part-time residence for yourself and short-term renters.  

Before you commit, here's what you need to know about the dos and don't of buying an investment property: 

Considerations Before Buying Your First Investment Home

Before jumping in head-first with your first investment property, there are a few things you should be aware of.

Owning investment…

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listing spotlight: 219 Farley Drive in Aptos, CA

This Rio Del Mar charmer is overflowing with classic charm and brimming with an irresistible Central California character.

It’s got everything you’d want in a compact beach house.

It’s location and intelligent interior layout effortlessly marry interior and exterior spaces, creating a welcoming and homely environment that would make it a fantastic vacation home or investment rental property.

Explore 219 Farley Drive with a 3D Tour!

Classic Rio Del Mar Curb Appeal

Originally constructed in 1961, 219 Farley Drive has been thoughtfully renovated and updated to modern tastes, while maintaining its original charm. Inside, interested home buyers will be greeted by immaculate oak flooring, crown molding and recessed lighting. A wide-open…

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what is an escrow account

When buying your first home, it's easy to get caught up in the various new terminology for things.

Some things like insurance, interest rate, conditions, home inspections are fairly straightforward, but escrow may be a whole new term to you.

To ease any confusion, here's a quick summary of what an escrow account is and how it differs from the escrow process when buying your first home. 

What Is An Escrow Account?

Escrow accounts are sometimes called "impound" accounts. These accounts are set up to help manage payments of property taxes and homeowner's insurance.

Depending on the individual requirements of the lender, you may be asked to pay as much as one-quarter of these upfront and they will be put into the account for the…

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