Santa Cruz County is most notable for its beautiful beaches, its vibrant atmosphere, and the abundance of things to do! If you’re in the market for a home in this area, there are plenty of options available in the numerous coastal communities and beyond. 


But what if you’re not exactly sure where you’d like to settle? Do I want a forested escape or a seaside retreat? What can I get for my budget? These are important questions to ask! Keep reading as we answer what $2,000,000 can get you in two very desirable Santa Cruz County areas: Aptos and Santa Cruz.


Pink beach themed interior of home

Santa Cruz

The county seat of Santa Cruz County, this beautiful city is one of the most desirable places to live in the area. It’s home to a plethora of shops and restaurants…

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Birthdays, holidays, weddings—these are all occasions that can sort of stress us out. Even if it’s someone we’re close to, many of us struggle with the age-old conundrum, “What do I get them as a gift?”

The moving process can also be a big headache, especially for a first-time homeowner. Real estate in the beautiful city of Santa Cruz is highly sought-after. If someone you know has recently purchased their first home, then this is a huge step. But again, we’re left the question of what to give them as a congratulatory gift!

Forget an awkward bottle of wine, here are our top picks for some of the best gifts you can give a first-time Santa Cruz area homeowner!


Colorful small appliances on kitchen counter

Small Kitchen Appliances Or Cookware

Some of us like to give gifts that…

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Well-dressed group of friends with sparklers at rooftop New Year's party


It’s the start of a new year. From our family to yours, we wish you a very happy 2023! 

The last few months seemed like they flew by; one moment it was the beginning of autumn, and the next moment we were counting down to welcome 2023 with fireworks. Before you know it, the first few months of the new year will fly by, and it’ll be the end of spring. That’s why now is the best time to make some resolutions for your Santa Cruz area home.

Here’s our list of three simple and easy New Year’s resolutions for your home, that everyone can keep!

Take The Time To Organize

One of the most important things you should do this year… is also the one that many people love to put off. Although this might be a quick and simple task for some,…

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Downtown Santa Cruz street with vintage cars

Perhaps most well-known for its surfing opportunities, beautiful beaches, and laid-back atmosphere, Santa Cruz is a lovely place for both families and young professionals to settle down. So it’s no wonder that so many choose to make this gorgeous area home! 

Santa Cruz is also where many noteworthy people have hailed from. Whether they were born in this beautiful region or spent a large part of their lives here, each are proud to call themselves Santa Cruz residents—and have gone on to do some great work! Here are a few of the influential people who have come from this wonderful city. 

Adam Scott

April 3, 1973—

Perhaps one of the most recognizable names on this list, Adam Scott is an actor most known for his work on television—which…

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Santa Cruz is known for its harsh snowstorms and freezing winters—just kidding. But for many, the winter season is one of staying in, spending time with family and friends, and finishing up things in order to prepare for the end of the year. It’s also a time where we begin to think of little changes, updates, and improvements, especially around the home. 

While interior decorating trends might not move as quickly as, say, fashion, each year does see new styles come and go. As the year draws to a close, here are our top interior design trends for 2023. If you’re thinking of refreshing your space, consider some of the tips below. 

Beautiful room with yellow couch and pops of color

Pops of Color

While neutral tones in interior design have been a trend for many, many years. And neutrals have…

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Warm holiday lights shaped like stars

December is here, which means that the holidays are just around the corner! Although this is meant to be a time full of love and joy, we often end up rather stressed out. Make sure to take some time for yourself and your family this holiday season… and what better way to do that than to experience some of the fun events in Santa Cruz?

There are numerous holiday events happening around Santa Cruz County this month—and you don’t want to miss out! Here are some of our top picks for the must-see events leading up to the holidays.

Winter Wonderland at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk

The annual boardwalk Winter Wonderland event is now on! This year it’s running from November 24th, 2022 to January 1st, 2023. 

With festive decorations, themed rides…

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It can be difficult to try new things and to meet new people! However, Santa Cruz County is known not only for its beautiful landscapes and numerous activities, but also for its welcoming community. It’s always a great idea to put yourself out there and meet your neighbors.

If you’re new to the Santa Cruz County area, or if you’d just like to get out and try something different, there are many clubs—for any taste!—that you could consider joining. From sports to gaming, here is our list of the cool local clubs you may want to try out!


Silhouettes of volleyball players on beach


One of the most popular sports—with another coming up below!—in Santa Cruz County is volleyball. With a multitude of indoor facilities and outdoor opportunities on the many area beaches,…

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Boy at sunny beach in Santa Cruz County


The area of Santa Cruz County is known for its beautiful beaches, outdoor recreation opportunities, and fun and exciting attractions—which is why people love to visit! But what is it like to live here? And how ideal is it for families?

We’ve crunched the numbers and have compiled a list of the best family-friendly neighborhoods, based on the following criteria: safety and security of each community, quality of schools, available properties, accessibility and number of local amenities, and general satisfaction of residents in the area. 

For new families thinking of moving into the Santa Cruz County area, but don’t know where to start, here is our list of the best places to live!


Aptos, located east of Santa Cruz and Capitola,…

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As the seasons begin to change (and the weather cools down a little bit!), you might find yourself longing for a bit of a change. Clearing out some of the clutter or moving things around can be a great way to refresh your space—but what if you want a more dramatic change? 

Updating your bedroom is sometimes considered low-priority, however there are still some quick, easy, and budget-friendly ways to change the look of this space. Whether you’re thinking of moving within the Santa Cruz area and giving your bedroom an upgrade before listing, or if you just want to switch things up a bit, here are five simple tips and tricks to achieve a fun new look!

White and brown blankets and pillows

Pillowcases and Throw Blankets

Changing the entirety of your bedding can become expensive…

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The Santa Cruz area is probably most well-known for its beautiful beaches, exciting parks and attractions, and gorgeous properties. While “young professional” is a relatively broad term, more and more ambitious, career-driven individuals are now making their move to Santa Cruz County.


This area offers residents a high quality of living, a vibrant atmosphere, and a plethora of outdoor opportunities. Here are our picks for the top three places to live if you’re a young professional!

Figures atLighthouse Field State Beach in Santa Cruz, CA

Santa Cruz

Although this recommendation might seem obvious, Santa Cruz is undeniably a big draw for young professionals. A cultural hub, this coastal city is where you’ll find some phenomenal beaches and a multitude of entertainment opportunities. From…

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