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Just over a year ago, the federal government launched the Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives (HAFA) program.  It was supposed to streamline the short sale process for Santa Cruz home owners and home owners nationwide.  This article provides an update on HAFA.

How does HAFA benefit Santa Cruz home owners?

Home owners who don’t qualify for a loan modification can apply for a short sale through HAFA.  If the home owner qualifies for a HAFA short sale, the difference between the sale price of the house and the loan balance is forgiven.  In addition, HAFA offers qualified home owners $3,000 for moving expenses.

How well is HAFA working?

From April, 2010, to December, 2010, HAFA had disbursed just $9.5 million of the $4.1 billion in its

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According to a nationwide survey from Move, Inc., real estate investors are likely to be three times more active than other types of homebuyers in their local markets within the next two years.  If you’re one of those soon-to-be real estate investors, you may want to consider buying Santa Cruz foreclosures.

Here are a few tips to help you get the best buy:

• Don’t judge Santa Cruz foreclosures by their appearance.  A million dollar mansion may have a beautiful façade but may be hiding extensive termite damage to its foundation.   On the other hand, a fixer-upper may look rundown but may have excellent structure and can be fixed up easily for a fairly small amount.  Always get a professional home inspection to determine exactly what you’re buying.


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The real estate market is flooded with homes for sale.   Interest rates are at an all time low on fixed rate mortgages.  And, terms for acquiring a home loan are still fairly open.  This is expected to change and possibly soon, which means now is prime time to buy Santa Cruz homes for sale.

To help you with this process, here are answers to four of the most popular questions I’ve recently received from home buyers:
Q:  Where can I find the best deal on Santa Cruz homes for sale?
A:  The answer is almost anywhere.  Because homes are sitting on the market for a long time, most homeowners are more willing than ever to negotiate.

Q:  What about buying new construction?
A:  The option for new construction is open to more people than ever before.  Builders are

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The Santa Cruz real estate market is still a buyer’s market which means, as a buyer, you can get a good price on a home.  However, if you know what to look for, there are properties on which you can get a great price.
Here are three areas of the Santa Cruz real estate market that generally offer the best prices:

1. Homes that have been on the market for several weeks (or months!) -  Have your real estate agent send you homes that have been on the market for several weeks or months.  These property owners are more motivated to sell than the owners of newly listed homes.  They’re more willing to negotiate for lower prices or even give you extras such as home warranties or paying a portion of your closing costs.

2. Bank owned properties.  Bank owned

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When you go through a Santa Cruz  foreclosure, your credit score drops considerably. The good news is that you can rebuild your credit.  Here are a few tips to help:

1. Create a budget. A budget lets you see exactly how much money you have to spend each month. It also helps you track where you spend your money. Put together a budget that fits your lifestyle and then stick to it.

2. Build an emergency fund. You never know when an emergency will happen. When you’re prepared for a financial emergency, you’re better protected from financial problems.

3. Repair your credit.  Review your credit reports from all three credit bureaus.  Dispute any errors you find.  Removing errors from your credit reports help improve your credit.

4. Establish new credit.

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With all the talk of the great deals you can get on foreclosures in Santa Cruz, you may be tempted to step into the investment market. Or, you may get the idea that buying a foreclosure is your best bet for a great deal on a home. Well, it’s possible, but remember that the foreclosure market is full of perilous pathways and competitive investment pros who know what they’re doing.

Whether you’re considering purchasing foreclosures in Santa Cruz as investments or as your personal residence, here are a few tips that will help you get a great investment and avoid a bad disaster.

• Gather a Team of Professionals:  Your team of professionals should include a home inspector, a real estate agent and an appraiser.  You may also want to include a professional

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Is a home warranty necessary when you buy a Santa Cruz home? Isn’t it just an extra expense added on to an already expensive purchase? Not exactly. There are a few things to consider before deciding yes or no.

Type of Home
For example, the type of home you plan to buy makes a difference:

• Are you buying a newly constructed Santa Cruz home? Any newly built home should already be covered by the builder warranty, at least for a specific timeframe.
• Are you buying an older home? If so, a warranty might be the right thing to have.
• Are you buying a foreclosure? In this case, a home warranty is an excellent idea.

Homeowners Insurance vs. Home Warranty
Homeowners insurance is different from a home warranty.  Insurance covers the home if there’s a natural

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According to RealtyTrac, 1 in 70 homes have received foreclosures notices since January, 2010 – a total of 1.7 million houses in the U.S. Was your Santa Cruz home one of them? In previous blogs, we’ve covered several ways to avoid foreclosure, but a rising trend has brought another possibility to the forefront.

According to a recent Pew Research Center study, many individuals are surviving the economic blues by expanding their households. By the end of 2008, more than 16%, or 49 million, of Americans lived in a household with more than one generation. Although the statistics aren’t back yet for 2009 -2010, experts expect the numbers to be even higher.

These Americans aren’t all young college graduates moving back in with mom and dad, either. Parents

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April has a lot of important and semi-important dates in it. The tax deadline, Good Friday and Easter are just a few. What is April 5th, though, and what does it have to do with Santa Cruz homes for sale? Well, the biggest news is that the government has stepped into real estate and short sales.

Home sales are down nation-wide, despite the Obama administration’s efforts with the first-time buyer’s tax credit. Many homebuyers are waiting for a better interest rate or to see if home prices will drop more. Meanwhile, owners with Santa Cruz homes for sale are preparing for the spring selling season, without any idea whether they’ll actually be able to sell or not.

Part of the reason for this situation is because of the depreciated housing values. For

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Many potential homeowners are starting to look towards Santa Cruz foreclosures as a way to get the home of their dreams without spending their life savings. What they may not realize is that the sheer amount of foreclosed properties can be daunting. Some are so completely overwhelmed by the choices that they give up and walk away.

Santa Cruz foreclosures can be great deals, but you’ll have a few decisions to make before you even go looking. Because there are so many options, here and throughout the nation, it’s important to figure out what type of foreclosed home is best for you.

Government Foreclosures
Homes with federally sponsored loans, such as HUD homes, are repossessed by government housing agencies. Because these homes offer a lot of

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