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Saving money and going green are both hot topics right now.  So, I'm sure you've already heard the tips to turn off water while brushing your teeth, turn off TVs and computers and swap out old light bulbs for the new energy-saving versions. 
Here are 10 new ideas to help you save money and make your Santa Cruz home greener.

1. Swap stuff.  There are hundreds of online sites where you can get furniture, books, CDs, DVDs and even a place to stay for free by swapping stuff with other people.  And, I'm not just talking about Craigslist.  Two of the most popular and easy to use swap sites are and

2. Recycle your cell phone.  According to the EPA, if the 100 million cell phones no longer being used by Americans were recycled,

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With the current Santa Cruz foreclosure woes, and the strains of the economy these days, many people are worried about what they’ll do when their ARM (adjustable rate mortgage) resets.  Here are a few suggestions to help you weather the current financial storm:

What is an ARM?

ARM refers to a mortgage loan that has a variable interest rate.  The amount of the monthly payments will change several times over the life of the loan.  ARMs usually have a lower introductory interest rate than a fixed-rate mortgage.  After a period of time, the interest rate is recalculated, resulting in a higher interest rate and monthly payment.

Get Out Your Loan Paperwork

Many homeowners are worried about what will happen to their monthly payments when the ARM resets. 

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Everybody wants to know how the housing market is doing, especially if they own Santa Cruz real estate. I try to keep the newsy pieces to a minimum and spend most of my Internet space on helpful pointers, but a lot of readers have asked about the market. In response to high demand, here’s a peak at the current national foreclosure trends:

Foreclosure Trends

It’s a wonderful thing to own any kind of real estate (although I’m partial to Santa Cruz real estate, of course). Unfortunately, many people have lost their homes due to foreclosure since the housing crisis started; there have been over 7.8 million since 2007. California, Florida, Arizona, Nevada, Illinois and Michigan have been topping the count for foreclosures, adding up to 62% of the nation’s

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Many facing the possibility of being added to the number of foreclosures in Santa Cruz are frightened, often frustrated and feel helpless. It’s understandable; nobody wants to lose their home. However, those feelings often lead to being victimized by loan modification con artists who promise freedom from foreclosure for a little bit of money and leave victims in their wake.

Here are a few tips to protect yourself from scams that could take you one step closer to becoming one of the foreclosures in Santa Cruz:

1. Never believe a guarantee. No one, company or individual, can guarantee loan modification or that your lender won’t foreclose. If the loan modification company starts spouting guarantees, walk away.

2. Never sign over power of attorney.

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When you’re looking to buy a home, and especially when you’re looking at foreclosures in Santa Cruz or anywhere else, title searches are important.

Many buyers make the mistake of settling for a quitclaim deed without doing a title search. Unfortunately, the person who signs the quitclaim deed may not be the actual person holding the title. If there are any liens on the title, the new owner may get an unpleasant surprise at closing. With foreclosures in Santa Cruz, the possibility that there is a lien on the title is even greater.

What is a title search?

Title searches are performed by title companies or lawyers. These companies and attorneys search the public records for information on the property’s ownership. The goal is to find out if there are

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Santa Cruz foreclosures are a sad fact of life.  The truth of the matter is that, for many, even loan modification isn’t an option.  When faced with foreclosure or short sale, how do you decide which is best?  While short sales have been pushed by many as a viable option, it’s hard to know what’s best for you. 

Here are some facts about the consequences of both:

Your Credit

While both Santa Cruz foreclosures and short sales will affect your credit score, the differences are wide.  A foreclosure can affect your score for as long as three years or more, and lower it as much as 300 points.  The foreclosure can remain on your public history for over ten years.

However, only late payments show on your credit with a short sale.  Your score can drop as

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If you’re one of the many people dealing with Santa Cruz foreclosures, you will probably be moving to a smaller, more affordable place.  When it’s time to move you don’t want to leave the important things behind, but you may not have room for everything, either.  Here’s a checklist to help you get the important stuff taken care of within the last month:

1. Change of address – With the rate Santa Cruz foreclosures happen, you want to make sure your change of address is one of the first things you do.
2. Find a moving and packing company.
3. Clean out your safe deposit box and transfer it to the new area.
4. Get your family’s medical records, school records and other important papers.
5. Change your insurance policies for your home.
6. Get a fire resistant safe

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Foreclosure is a dreaded word at any time, but the present economy makes it a common dread, one that many homeowners share that normally would never enter their minds. There are new government aid programs as well as tried and true methods for combating Santa Cruz foreclosures and every homeowner should know them.

Nip It in the Bud

Procrastination is never a good thing but when it comes to foreclosures it is a death sentence. Most homeowners know when they are on shaky ground and starting to have problems paying their mortgage.
Because it is usually the biggest monthly expense, mortgages are often the first thing to suffer when things get tight. Waiting to talk to your mortgage company about problems until you actually begin missing payments doesn't

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People buy Santa Cruz foreclosures for a lot of reasons: to live in, as fixer-uppers, to flip and for investment purposes.  The current real estate market isn't so hot for quickly selling foreclosures at a profit.  Instead, consider purchasing foreclosures and holding on to your investment until the market turns around.  In the meantime, earn money by renting the houses.

Here are 5 things to look for when buying Santa Cruz foreclosures to rent out:

1.  Most Santa Cruz foreclosures are nice homes that, for one reason or another, the sellers have had to let go.  With the variety of houses available, take your time and find a property that doesn’t require a lot of major renovations, unless, that is, you’re a handy man and enjoy fixing up homes.

2.  Figure

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Thanks to President Obama’s ambitious plan to improve the housing market, being on the list of foreclosures in Santa Cruz doesn’t necessarily mean that foreclosure is inevitable.  You have options, and the President’s loan modification program makes keeping your home even more possible. 

Overview of the Plan

The President’s plan to reduce foreclosures in Santa Cruz is based on the thought that struggling homeowners wouldn’t sell their houses if they could only make the monthly payments.  Due to this belief, participating lenders are required to reduce monthly payments for homeowners who qualify until they’re no more than 38% of the homeowner’s monthly gross income.  After that, the government lends a helping hand.  Between the lender and the

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