Preparing Your Santa Cruz Home to Sell in Summer

Posted by Lauren Spencer on Wednesday, June 26th, 2019 at 10:52am.

Santa Cruz is irresistible during the summertime with its dreamy beaches and world-renowned surfing waves.

People from across the nation relocate to Santa Cruz during this time, hoping to make the city’s vacation lifestyle their reality.

The influx of buyers during the summer makes this the perfect time to sell your home!

But it also makes the summer the most competitive time to sell a home. You’ll want to make sure your home stands out of the crowd so you can get the best offer possible and fast.

Here are five home selling tips to prepare your Santa Cruz home for the market this summer season:

1. Use the Weather to Your Advantage

Santa Cruz is beautiful all year round, but especially during the summer when the greenery is lush and the flowers are blooming. The summer setting will naturally make your home dazzle. So use it to your advantage!

Santa Cruz’s blue sky and golden sun make for perfect photo shoot opportunities. Take listing photos during this time so your home is highlighted by the weather.

Your house is located in one of the top beach towns in the nation. When your listing photos have phenomenal weather in the background, not only are you selling your home, but your city as well.

2. Make Your Interiors Sparkle

One of the most important aspects of selling your home is making it desirable to potential buyers. And there’s nothing nicer than walking into a sparkling clean home.

Selling your home in the summer means you have the whole of spring to get cleaning!

You’ll want to scrub anything that might be able to sparkle. This means washing your windows and wiping your countertops. You’ll even want to dust that top shelf you can never seem to reach.

Cleaning up your home also involves clearing out extra goods that you’ve accumulated over the time you’ve lived there. It’s a good idea to box up anything that’s piling up or cluttering your space. You’ll be moving soon, so you might as well start packing some things early!

3. Stage Your Home for Summertime

Marketing your home to its greatest potential is crucial for selling in a competitive market. So, you’ll want to stage your home to highlight its best features.

You can easily do this by moving furniture around your space and decorating nooks and crannies. Open up your drapes to let natural light flood into your living spaces.

Decorate your home for the summer season with colorful accents and accessories. If you want to go the extra mile, add small details like flowers and houseplants to bring your living room to life.

Make your home the only place a potential buyer will want to spend their summertime!

4. Manicure Your Lawn

The exterior of your home is the first thing potential homebuyers see, so make a good impression! You can do this by landscaping.

Spruce up your curb appeal by mowing your lawn and watering your flowers.

It’s important to clean up any dead leaves and debris that has accumulated over the springtime.

You don’t want to have your home hidden, so trim back any low-hanging branches and overgrown greenery. This way the beauty of your home will be highlighted by your landscaping.

Cleaning up your front and back yards make all the difference when your selling your home in the summer. The small details accumulate to make a big difference.

5. Get the Right Real Estate Agent for You

Selling a home on your own is hard work, especially in a competitive market like Santa Cruz. So, get a real estate agent!

You want an agent who knows the Santa Cruz area and how to make your home stand out in a competitive market.

If you’re wanting to sell your home this summer, contact Lauren Spenser to make sure all of your home seller’s questions are answered!

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