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Few questions are more important this time of year than which Christmas tree you should buy for your Santa Cruz home. There are some things to keep in mind when looking for the perfect Christmas tree, here are just a few:

Real Or Artificial Tree?
Real Christmas trees require some care; if you're planning to travel this holiday season, you may not want a live tree. You must water the tree to make sure that it doesn’t lose its needles before Christmas day. The live trees are not fire resistant, the dried out pine needles can get too hot from the lights and may burst into flame.

On the other hand, there isn’t any up-keep with an artificial Christmas tree, and many look quite realistic. The plastic Christmas trees have an added bonus of being flame

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With most of the country easing into full-on winter weather, last-minute outdoor projects need to happen soon. And what better way to enjoy a cozy holiday season than by drinking hot chocolate and roasting marshmallows at your very own outdoor fire pit. In one weekend, the steps below can help you build an outdoor fire pit and get you fired up about the cold!

Determine The Size And Location
The first order of business is to choose where to build your outdoor fire pit. You want to make sure it’s not too close to the house or overhanging trees. Once you’ve found the spot, lay out a ring of stones and mark it with a shovel before you dig the hole. You’ll want it to be between 35-45 inches in diameter. This will allow a roaring fire, but it will also feel

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and if you're opening your Santa Cruz home for the family get together, that usually means you'll be decorating. If you've racked your mind for ideas and none sound just right, here are a few decorating ideas that might help you along your way.

Fall leaves – Decorations don't have to be expensive, just look outside the door of your [city] home. Brightly colored fall leaves, either randomly placed on the table or bunched in small arrangements, can really brighten up a table.

Turkey napkins – Folded turkey napkins is a simple way to spruce up your Thanksgiving table. Use linen napkins for a classy touch.

Thanksgiving centerpiece – A cornucopia is a great idea for the centerpiece. Filled with leaves, small

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Your living spaces are the most important rooms in your home. They’re where you read bedtime stories, have family dinners and make many memories. However, most of these rooms wouldn’t be as inviting or function well without their valuable out-of-sight storage spaces — their closets.

Imagine clothes strewn across bedrooms and toys scattered all over the living room. Closets are essential to keeping your home organized, clean and livable. So set aside one weekend this month to tackle you’re mini storerooms and turn them into orderly spaces with the tips below.

Designate A Theme For Each Closet
Every closet in your home should have a specific purpose, such as a space for only linens, cleaning supplies or coats. Don’t cheat and put the vacuum in the hall

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Does your Santa Cruz property have a guest bedroom? A guest bedroom is an excellent room to have, as it means that you will easily be able to host friends and relatives when they come through town. Having your guests sleep on the fold out sofa can be disruptive for both you and for them, so letting them have their own space is ideal.

Decorating a guest bedroom can be a challenge, because you want to create a bedroom that will appeal to a wide range of guests and will be practical during their stay. Here are some tips to keep in mind when decorating your guest bedroom.

Consider Using Two Twin Beds

One idea for decorating your guest bedroom is to using two twin beds rather than one large bed, as this is more applicable for a wider range of guests.

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As the weather gets warmer, the desire to get outside and enjoy the fresh air begins to take hold. Having a place to entertain or just unwind can add a new dimension to your Santa Cruz home.

First, you have to decide what type of space you want to create. Whether you want to have an outdoor living room, a vacation-like spot or a place to meditate and enjoy nature, how you extend your living space is limited only by your imagination — and possibly your budget. Start with your vision and make a list of the things you want to have there. Then go for it!

Choose a Theme
• Vacation spot - Decorate with bright colors for a festive, tropical look.
• Zen garden - Add a water feature, such as a fountain, for a calming effect.
• Nature hideaway - Surround a

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When it comes to selling your Santa Cruz home, you’ve probably thought of the most common staging tricks, such as clearing out the clutter to make your rooms look bigger and bringing in more light to brighten things up. However, have you considered that the colors in your house might have an effect on whether buyers are interested?

Color has a psychological effect on people, whether they are aware of it or not. First impressions are everything when you are selling a house, so think about how the colors you choose will influence your potential buyers. A new paint job could be a simple and effective way to make your house more appealing.

Choose Mellow, Neutral Shades

When a potential buyer is looking at your house, they want to be able to imagine

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People love to give advice when it comes to fixing up Santa Cruz real estate to put on the market. However, a lot of those suggestions can include expensive upgrades, costly renovations or pricy professional opinions that you usually don’t want to invest in a home you’re about to leave.

Don’t get frustrated! You can sell your home fast without all the fancy fixer-uppers. With the help of your Realtor and a little hard work, the tips below will increase your home’s appeal to a wide variety of buyers without breaking the bank.

• Improve the curb appeal. You not only need to stage the inside of Santa Cruz real estate, but also the outside. Trim hedges, maintain the lawn, power wash the walls and try to inject some color with a simple holiday wreath or

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Have you ever walked into your kitchen and instantly felt hungry?  Often time’s people do not think about the colors that they choose to paint their kitchens.  They are too busy worrying about whether it will match the rest of their Santa Cruz home, or if it will be what everyone in the home will like.  Take a moment to think about the one thing many do not…color affects the way you eat.  Studies have shown that it is common for certain colors to make you over eat.  Here we have listed different colors often used in kitchens and the effects that they have on your food cravings.

• Red: Yes, it increases your appetite.  Now you know why so many restaurants paint their walls red!  Although red is the color of romance and passion.  Red is also the color

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Thanksgiving is a time for friends and family to gather in your Santa Cruz home and laugh about the days past.  It doesn’t matter if you are overlooking the ocean or nestled deep in the mountains.  You can achieve that homey feeling that we all love and look forward to when the holidays come around.  Below I have listed some ways for you to create that homey feeling in very little time at all!

• Hanging fall wreathes on the door is the first step to inviting friends and loved ones into your Santa Cruz home.  It gives that warm welcoming invite was they are walking up.

• Simmer Oranges and Cinnamon in a pot on the kitchen stove.  The aromatic smells add a nice comforting smell to your Santa Cruz home.

• Hang colorful children’s artwork threw out

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