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Buying a new home isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon. When you find the Santa Cruz real estate of your dreams and place an offer that is accepted, don’t assume the marathon is over -- there are many more miles you must travel before closing.

Here are four steps to take after the contract is signed:

1. Be prepared for your earnest money or escrow deposit to be cashed. This money can be anywhere from $1,000 to three percent of the price of the home.

2. Go over disclosures with a fine-tooth comb. Your agent will help you identify any red flags. Then you want to familiarize yourself with the home’s history, zoning district and past building permits. Ask questions about anything you don’t understand.

3. Negotiate with your bank. It’s time to lock in

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Being the new kid on the block can be tough. Not only does your family have to adjust to their new Santa Cruz home, but they also have to get to know an entirely new neighborhood. The Halloween festivities are the perfect time to do it!

Don’t let your family become as estranged as the Addams Family in their new surroundings. Be outgoing to help relieve any creepy-crawly feelings your kids have about the new neighborhood. Review the tips below and take advantage of the holiday season to make new friends, get involved in the community and experience hot spots near your new Santa Cruz home.

• Don’t be shy; say hi! Find opportunities to meet your neighbors. Linger outside by raking fall leaves or putting up Halloween decorations. You’ll be amazed at how

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You’ve decided to put your house on the market, you’ve removed all unnecessary furniture and you’ve cleaned it from top to bottom. Even though you have a good start, maintaining a clean household may not be enough; you also have to cater to fussy buyers. By updating just a few features, you’ll immediately increase your property’s appeal to buyers looking at Santa Cruz homes for sale.

Selling a house is stressful enough without having to worry about every detail and anticipating what buyers are looking for. So, we’ve saved you some trouble by listing what buyers are definitely NOT looking for. Make these relatively easy changes and picky purchasers will have less to complain about when it comes to your property.

1. Neglected landscaping ¬– The front

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Good Santa Cruz real estate agents can be valuable partners when buying or selling a home. Their marketing efforts, hard work, knowledge and negotiation skills are huge assets when house hunting or selling your home.

Below are four tips to help you hire a Santa Cruz real estate agent who will provide the best service for you:

1. Make sure your expectations are clearly spelled out. Buying or selling a home involves a great deal of money and that has the potential to cause a lot of stress — especially if you feel your agent isn’t living up to your expectations. To avoid this problem, share your expectations with agents during the interview process. Be as specific as possible. Do you expect them to email you once a week with updates? Perhaps you want

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Labor Day signals the end of summer, a return to school for the kids, and a welcome three-day weekend for most folks. It can also be a key date for Santa Cruz real estate.

If you have your home on the market, you may have heard that if your house hasn’t sold by Labor Day, you should take it off the market. While there is some truth to this persistent myth, the answer (as in many things real estate) is more complicated. Largely, it depends on your circumstances. 

Blessed with a home that you would like to sell and the Labor Day weekend, you may be wondering where the summer went and where your perfect buyer is hiding. While in some areas of the country summer is the time for home purchasing, the season extends well beyond the Labor Day cutoff in many

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From open houses to negotiating deals, selling your home is a complicated process. That is why becoming a real estate agent requires licensing in most states.  If you are considering selling your home, here are some tips on what to look for in a Santa Cruz real estate agent:

• Knowledge of the market in your neighborhood – An agent familiar with your neighborhood will be best able to speak to its assets and find the right buyer for your home. 

• Experience with advertising and open houses – Advertising is an art, and any art improves with experience. Find a Santa Cruz real estate agent who knows how to get the word out on the hot new property for sale. Part of that advertising includes having professional pictures taken of your home and circulated

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