Stimulus Isn't Just for New Santa Cruz Real Estate Buyers

Posted by Lauren Spencer on Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009 at 6:01am.

All the talk is about how the President's stimulus plan helps out new and first time home buyers.  The good news is that it also helps homeowners.  You can get stimulus plan benefits from your existing Santa Cruz real estate too.  Add a little green living to your environment and you'll be pocketing some change at the end of the year from your income tax return.

Under the stimulus plan, both eco-friendly new home purchases and eco-friendly improvements on existing homes are tax deductible. Now's the time to make your home more energy efficient and get a break at the end of the year for your efforts.

Going green saves money, makes your living environment healthier, and improves the world we live in. To reap the benefits from the stimulus plan, you can make major home improvements such as adding solar power or moderate priced home improvements such as adding low flow water fixtures.

You need to make your home improvements soon to get the stimulus plan benefit.  The plan only allows for the tax benefits through the year 2010.  Why wait?  Use this as motivation to get your projects started (and completed) now.

Here are a few additional eco-friendly home improvements to consider for your Santa Cruz real estate:

• Re-cover your roof: The color of your roof can make a big difference in how well your attic retains or refracts heat and cold.

• Install an energy efficient Energy Star furnace: Make sure it has a high SEER rating (seasonal energy efficient ratio).

With a little work and a reasonable investment, your Santa Cruz real estate will not only pay you back in dividends for years to come, it could get you a great tax break.

If you need more ideas for how to make your home energy efficient and get tax credits, give me a call at 831.662.6522 or email me at



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