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Posted by Lauren Spencer on Tuesday, September 29th, 2009 at 5:19am.

As a Santa Cruz real estate agent, I get to meet people from all ends of the spectrum: buyers, sellers, renters, etc.  I also come across other agents, and it constantly amazes me at the different outlooks surrounding the real estate profession.  Many buyers think sellers and real estate agents are out to stiff them.  On the opposite side, many sellers think buyers and agents are out to stiff them.  Unfortunately, even some agents think both are out to stiff them.

I know they say “it’s a dog eat dog world”, but if everybody was truly out to stiff everybody else (rather than just get a fair deal), nothing would ever get done.  There’s a big difference between a good agent and a crummy agent.  So, maybe we all need to be reminded of what a good Santa Cruz real estate agent really is:

Your agent is your business associate.  They are in the business of finding what you need, whether it’s a house to buy or a buyer for your house.  As a business associate, they look for the best deal for you, because the best deal for you is the best for them. 

Your agent is your negotiator.  This goes along with the first, but is more in depth.  For instance, if you’re looking at new construction and the builder has a “buyer’s agent”, do you really think that agent is there to help you get the best deal?  No, they’re there to help the builder get the best deal.  That’s why you have your own agent there – you know they’re on your side.

Your agent is your friend.  Especially when you’re having problems selling your house, you’ll have a lot of worries.  A good Santa Cruz real estate agent will be there to listen to them and either a) relieve your worries or b) be understanding of them.

As real estate agents, we understand that selling a house isn’t easy.  We understand that buying a house can be stressful.  We even understand that you may be stuck in a situation you’d rather not be in, such as during a foreclosure.  Good agents aren’t just agents; we’re good friends.

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