Smart Solutions for Awkward Spaces in Your Santa Cruz Home

Posted by Lauren Spencer on Wednesday, May 29th, 2013 at 1:01am.

In almost every Santa Cruz home, there are awkward spaces that are difficult to utilize. In older houses especially there are rooms, closets and nooks that once had a purpose that is now outdated. So before you try to cover it up or fill it with junk, take a look at the smart solutions below to see how you can revitalize those problematic spaces and turn them into something useful.

The space under the stairs
While this is likely to be more of a hiding spot for dust-bunnies than teenage wizards, it is valuable space that you don’t have to board up. Use it for storage! Create cabinets, or if it’s near the kitchen, build in a wine refrigerator or display shelves for china. Build in a coat or shoe closet if the stairs are in the front entryway.

The bedroom too small for a bed
You might have an office that sometimes needs to be used as a bedroom or a bedroom that could fit a bed and nothing else. If these issues strike a chord, then you might want to invest in a Murphy bed. These space-saving inventions allow you to use a small space for another purpose during the day, and then miraculously have a place to sleep at night.

The unused closet
Especially in an older Santa Cruz home, you’ll run across closets that just don’t make sense. If you don’t need it for storage, then turn it into something creative, such as a small library or toy room. Take off the door, add adjustable shelves, build a comfortable cushioned bench and install attractive lighting. Now you and your family can curl up for story time in your new book nook.

Don’t write off awkward spaces in your Santa Cruz home as lost causes. With a little ingenuity, hard work and smart design, you can create a useful area that everyone in your family can use and enjoy.

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