Santa Cruz Real Estate: Buying Remains More Popular Than Renting

Posted by Lauren Spencer on Sunday, August 7th, 2011 at 11:01pm.

In today’s environment, do you think buying Santa Cruz real estate has become less popular than renting?  If so, you’ll probably be surprised to learn that 81% of American adults still think that buying a home is the best investment a person can make. 

In comparison, two decades ago, a CBS News/New York Times survey found that 84% of American adults thought buying a home was the best investment a person could make.  That’s only a 3% decline in 20 years.

The new information is based on two nationwide studies performed this year by the Pew Research Center and Trulia, a real estate website.  The Pew Research Center’s survey sample included 2,142 adults.  Fifty-seven percent of the people who answered the survey own a home, 30% rent and the remainder have other arrangements, such as living with family members.

Here are some other findings provided by the studies:

• Buying is more affordable than renting in 78% of America’s major cities
• 81% of renters would prefer to own a home rather than continue to rent.
• 47% of homeowners say their home is worth less now than before the recession started.  31% say its value is the same.  17% say their home is worth more than before the recession.

The bottom-line?   In most areas of the country, even though home prices have declined in the past four or five years, homeownership is still preferred and is also a practical financial decision.

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