Santa Cruz Homes and Lawns: Growing Greener Grass

Posted by Lauren Spencer on Monday, May 3rd, 2010 at 11:01pm.

If you're anything like me, you've driven through neighborhoods, admiring the Santa Cruz homes and immaculate lawns.  You've pictured your dry, brown yard, wondering how these homeowners managed to get their lawns looking so great. 

Here are a few tips and tricks that can help achieve that plush, green grass that everyone hopes for:

1.  Choose a type of grass seed that's right for your climate zone. 

There are three climate zones:  Warm, transitional and cool.  Warm season grass is better for lawns in the South, cool season for the North, and transitional for Central.  The best bet for the transitional zone is either a mixture of warm and cool season grass or using the same seeds as the warm zone. 

2.  Plant at the right time.

Throw grass seed on the ground at the right time, and it’ll grow.

• Warm zone grasses - sown in the spring, once the soil is warm enough for sprouts to grow.

• Cool zone grasses – sown in the fall, generally between August 1 – 15 for the far North, and August 15 – 30 for the warmer areas.

3.  Cut at the right height.

No matter what zone the Santa Cruz homes with gorgeous green lawns are in, you may notice that the lawns all seem to be about the same height.  There’s a reason for that.  Lawn care experts say you should never cut your grass shorter than two inches.

4.  Use the right mower.

You want to use mulching lawnmowers, replacing the blades every season to keep them sharp for cleaner cuts.  These lawnmowers turn the clippings into perfect grass-feed, which takes care of about half of the feed for the season. 

5.  Have a good watering schedule.

The best time to water a lawn is first thing in the morning.  You want to water all at once instead of in short spurts, soaking your lawn with about one inch each time you water.  Cool zone lawns should be watered whenever it's been dry for a week.  Lawns for warm zone Santa Cruz homes should be watered twice a week during the summer.

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