How To Save Money By Installing A Water Heater Jacket In Your Santa Cruz Home

Posted by Lauren Spencer on Tuesday, January 8th, 2013 at 1:01am.

A good way to save money in your Santa Cruz home is to improve your home’s energy efficiency.  You can save four to nine percent a year on water heating costs by installing a water heater jacket.  They’re quick and easy to install, here’s how:

Prepare to Shop

Before you go shopping, make sure you know if your water heater is gas or electric.  The access panels and materials can be different between the two.  The installation of a water heater jacket on a gas heater is more difficult.  You may want to have a professional do the installation on a gas water heater.

Write down your water heater model number.  Most water heater jackets list the compatible water heater models on the packaging.  Choose a jacket with a value of  R-8. 


Before beginning, shut the water heater off.

Water heater jackets are pre-cut to make it easier to install in Santa Cruz homes.  Take off the packaging and separate the pre-cut pieces.  You should have a top, body and belts.  You’ll need to have plenty of duct tape on hand, too. 

Shape the top of the water heater jacket to fit the model.  Cut around the pipes that enter the water heater, and then tape the areas closed to form a good seal. Tape the edges of the top down to the sides of the water heater.

Wrap the body of the water heater jacket around the heater.  Have the belts ready to go around the jacket.   Make sure you don't put them on too tight.  The belts shouldn’t push down on the insulation more than a quarter of its width.
You’ll need to mark the area of the access plate. Carefully outline it and then cut the insulation out.  Tape around the edges of the cut to prevent fraying of the insulation.  Take care not to set the water heater above 130 degrees; it can cause the wiring to melt under the water heater jacket.

Congratulations!  You’ve learned how to install and save energy by using a water heater jacket in your Santa Cruz homes.

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Save energy by using a water heater jacket


Duct tape 

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