Beware of Bad Santa Cruz Real Estate Appraisals

Posted by Lauren Spencer on Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013 at 1:01am.

You’ve got a contract on your Santa Cruz real estate and have a closing date set. Whether or not everything goes smoothly comes down to the home’s appraisal. Waiting to hear that all is well can be frustrating enough, but when the news is unfavorable, it might seem like the end of the world.

Just because your home receives poor marks doesn’t mean that you didn’t take care of it — it could be you received a bad Santa Cruz real estate appraisal. While most appraisers are completely competent at their jobs, some might be unfamiliar with an area or use inappropriate comparisons. Below are common appraisal problems of which you should be aware.

• Inconsistent appraisals – If the appraiser finds issues that don’t makes sense, like claiming the home needs a new roof when you replaced it last year, or the appraisal comes in absurdly low, have your Realtor do some research. If the appraiser has complaints filed against him or her or a history of inconsistent appraisals, you might want to fight back.

• Inaccurate comparisons – Some appraisers will pull comparables without taking into consideration whether they’re foreclosure, abandoned or short sale properties. All of these types of listings can drive down the value of your home.

• Ignored market conditions – The market can turn around quickly, so this is a common mistake some appraisers make. They need to take into account rising prices, multiple offers and low inventory, and not use outdated information.

• Slow turn-around time – Appraisers know there are time constraints when it comes to purchasing property. They should be familiar with your area and able to give a ballpark estimate. If the buyer’s appraiser is taking an unusually long time to crunch the numbers, it could be a sign that they’re unsure; you might want to double-check their figures.

If the appraisal on your Santa Cruz real estate just isn’t sitting right with you, don’t be afraid to do some research with your Realtor and fight back!

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