Santa Cruz Real Estate For the Start Up Entrepreneur

Posted by Lauren Spencer on Friday, February 27th, 2015 at 12:29pm.

aptos real estateWhether just starting out, hunting for the perfect executive to round out your team, or thinking of cashing in and selling the now successful product, the start-up entrepreneur’s home finding endeavours often don’t top their list of priorities. To make it simpler, we've whittled down a few key things for entrepreneurs to look for when searching Santa Cruz real estate listings.

Why Santa Cruz? Santa Cruz in general is a hub for start-ups, particularly in the tech sector. So when it comes to setting up shop, perhaps the boom is due to the backdrop of lapping waves and big skies that spark creativity, combined with a community of like-minded innovators that drive each other to excel. Ultimately, when teams decide to call the area home and start looking at real estate, the more affordable property prices are a major draw.

Ready To Go

Get started by browsing listings, but make sure to keep a critical eye out on each home. Just like how you wouldn’t invest all of your time and money into a company that you’re uncertain about, you don’t want to invest in an Santa Cruz home that doesn’t fit the bill. One of your biggest concerns should be just how much TLC and renovating the home needs. If most of your time is dedicated to the office, you won’t have time to manage contractors.

Work & Play

Most tech firms have stories of the days when the entire team lived and worked in one home—programming occupied in the living room and sales meetings were held in the kitchen. Working from home is inevitable if you’re in this industry, so your real estate choices should reflect that. Look for homes that have secluded work space, like a den.

Here’s where Santa Cruz real estate listings really shine. Thanks to the stunning natural surroundings and more than agreeable climate, residents have been enjoying the complementary indoor-outdoor lifestyle for years. The interior living spaces are often backed by open lawns, patios, and even beachfront. After coding overnight, meeting with investors, and scouting new recruits, nothing sounds more appealing than a break outside.

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