5 Top Building Trends for Santa Cruz Homes

Posted by Lauren Spencer on Monday, November 2nd, 2009 at 12:11pm.

If you think Santa Cruz homes are in style, you just might want to look around.  The building trends for 2009 range from green to efficient and more.  Here’s a quick peek at the new trends – many of which look like they’re here to stay.

Smaller homes – Mansions are out and, believe it or not, matchbox houses are in.  Some buyers want downright tiny homes, and are even willing to build their own to get it.  If you own one of the Santa Cruz homes with a lot of square footage and want to sell, you might start counting.  How many of those rooms do you really need?  Can you knock out a wall to create larger, more open spaces?

More storage – Flat walls are out, closets are in.  Homebuyers are demanding storage spaces, from walk-in closets to built-in storage systems.  If you’re looking to sell and have issues, it might be due to the lack of storage space.  Look around; see if you have areas that can be maximized for storage.  Consider turning that small fourth or fifth bedroom into a walk-in closet.

Living outdoors – Over the years, the rise in individuals that want an extended outdoor space has gone up.  If you have a porch or patio but it’s exposed to the elements, look into screening it in.  Outdoor spaces that can be used year-round (or close to it) are big sellers.

Home office space – The need for a home office is rising as well.  Windows and space are essential for working in a relaxed environment.  If you have a room that can be converted into a comfortable office space with ease, don’t forget to add it to your sales pitch.

Green and healthyGreen homes are no longer a trend; they’re more the norm now.  Buyers want efficient homes and features that reduce utility costs.  Better insulation, recycled materials, carpets with no/low gas emissions and paints with low VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are all the rage.  This is one trend that doesn’t seem likely to go away.

If you own one of the Santa Cruz homes, pay attention to the building trends.  They aren’t just what buyers say they want; these trends are what they’re buying. 

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