Client Testimonials

Susan Swaboda
"The day I interviewed you and decided I wanted to work with you to sell my house was a great day and one I will always remember.  The minute you walked in the door I knew we were going to have a great working relationship.    Your professionalism and terrific work ethic set you apart from all other realtors in the area.  Caldwell Bankers is very lucky to have an individual like you representing them in Santa Cruz County. Thank you for all of your hard work.  I didn’t have to do anything but keep the house in “show” condition.  You took care of everything else and always made sure things got done in a timely manner. "
Joe & Lori Sisson
"We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you so much for helping us in the sale of our home in Corralitos. Everything went so smoothly. We know that had a lot to do with your expertise - your knowledge of the market, experience with all aspects of home sales, prompt professional responses, rapport with others of the real estate community, and the general integrity that goes along with everything you do. We appreciate the scope of services you were able to provide - recommendations on key things to focus on, your attention to detail, and following up with us on anything that seemed unfamiliar or unsure. You truly are a gem in the industry. We were so fortunate to have you as our agent."
Bob & Maureen Thrash
"I'd like to take a few moments to let you know how grateful Bob and I are to you for all your help with our recent life-change. When Bob and I saw the a "For Sale" sign on the condo we had been wishing for, Bob turned to me and said, "Call Lauren". You not only secured the purchase for us, but provided the expert advice we needed to get our old house spruced up, on the market and SOLD within a few short (exhausting) weeks. We never could have done this without your encouragement and the fact that we knew we could rely on your years of experience and good advice We couldn't be happier with our new place."
Jack E. Hinds
"I have appreciated and enjoyed working alongside Lauren, who has been our real estate agent and broker concerning purchase or sales, on more than one occasion. Lauren is a very capable person and does an excellent job.  Her qualifications and skills are exceptional. Her method of operation and management is a quiet efficiency. Her character is exceedingly commendable.  She maintains a gentle, patient, and harmonizing spirit while she works at a high level of professionalism.  In critical situations, I have found her to be trustworthy and honest.  She is insightful, offers helpful suggestion, and her attitude is always willing and constructive.  Also I am impressed with the fact that when she handles a transaction, there is no messes left behind, any disgruntled parties that have to be satisfied, and the job is “finished”.  "
David B. CRS Inc
"I analyze the performance of real estate agents for a living, and I can attest that Lauren Spencer is within the top 1% of all agents in the area in which she specializes. Many agents claim to be in the top 1% of one statistic or another. But regrettably, these statistics are often misleading. I have researched the performance of every single listing agent in Lauren's area.  Factoring in not only the number of homes sold, but, importantly, percent sold (vs. expired), number of days to sell, sale price vs. original asking price, an apples-to-apples comparison against her peers, Lauren Spencer is indeed within the top 1% of all agents in her area."
Blake & Barbara Stone
"When you helped us find and purchase our dream home in Aptos we had no idea we’d be moving to Seattle a short 2 years later. During the hectic move, your guidance and counseling provided a reassuring calm. We are very grateful for your invaluable help in preparing our house for sale and for your knowledge of the Santa Cruz County real estate market. Thanks to your expertise and attention to detail, closing escrow by long distance was almost effortless. You are an excellent realtor for both buyers and sellers and we consider you a dear friend. We are enjoying life in Seattle but we miss being able to rely on your website for contractor referrals and other community tips. "