Why Tech Workers are Moving to Santa Cruz

Posted by Lauren Spencer on Wednesday, January 8th, 2020 at 6:27am.


As of late, the tech industry has been booming.

Both Fortune 500 companies and startups have been flooding the market with innovative technology that consumers can't seem to keep their hands off of.

This surge in the tech industry has created over one million tech jobs in California alone. The Bay Area accounts for over 800,000 of them.

Although San Francisco is the western hub for technology, it's becoming harder and harder for young professionals to live in the city because of its high cost of living.

As San Francisco becomes unrealistic for tech workers, many have been looking to nearby cities where they can buy a home and settle down.

Santa Cruz has become an extremely popular place for tech workers, not only because of its thriving industry. Here's why tech workers are moving to Santa Cruz:

Growing Tech Industry

Santa Cruz isn't only known for its phenomenal beaches and redwood forests, but for its growing tech industry that employs thousands of professionals.

The city has a long history of tech companies—some of which that have grown to be industry leading juggernauts.

You've probably heard of the companies Netflix, Texas Instruments, Seagate, and Borland. Well, they all started in the Santa Cruz region.

This history of major tech companies has not slowed down. Santa Cruz is home to some of the largest companies in the state of California.

Looker is a Santa Cruz based data analytics company that is being acquired by Google for $2.6 billion.

Other notable companies in the area include Fullpower, Cruzio Internet, and Plantronics.

Not only do these businesses employ tons of new talent, they are leaders in innovation.

Proximity to Silicon Valley

One of the reasons why so many tech workers move to Santa Cruz is because it's not too far from the action in Silicon Valley.

San Francisco is only a 2-hour drive away via CA-17 N and I-280 N. This way, if you have to do business in the big city, you're not too far away.

San Jose also has a large tech industry and is only an hour north of Santa Cruz via CA-17 N.

Although these big cities are close by, Santa Cruz has its own personality and character.

Santa Cruz is known for its craft breweries, mountainside wineries, and indie eateries. You can also find art galleries and theaters anywhere you go.

The city is also home to annual events and festivals, like the Capitola Beach Festival and the Art, Wine and Beer Festival.

Santa Cruz is close enough to the big cities to have opportunities in the tech industry, but far enough to have its own character.

Lower Cost of Living

One of the reasons why tech workers are moving away from San Francisco is because of its unreasonably high cost of living.

With an average home price of $1.3 million in San Francisco, young professionals and tech workers are looking elsewhere to live.

Santa Cruz is a great option for those looking to be close to the action of the tech industry, while not blowing all their money on day to day things.

Although the median home price in Santa Cruz is $965,000, there are far more reasonably priced homes on the market that make home ownership more attainable.

Generally, the cost of living is far lower in Santa Cruz then in San Francisco. In addition to home prices, transportation and utilities are cheaper as well.

Fantastic Quality of Life

What attracts so many people to Santa Cruz is all of the community amenities that create a fantastic quality of life.

The city is known world-wide for its white-sand beaches and top-rated surfing waves. Year-round you can enjoy the beauty of the Pacific Ocean and its glistening, blue waters.

In addition to beach activities, Santa Cruz offers some of the best hiking in the state.

The sweeping redwood forests make for scenic spots to explore and enjoy the outdoors. If you're not into hiking, you can also go horseback riding or mountain biking through certain trails around the city.

All of this is not to mention the craft breweries and wineries scattered around the city.

No matter your lifestyle, there will always be something for you in Santa Cruz.

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