Tips for Selling Your Santa Cruz Home in Winter

Posted by Lauren Spencer on Thursday, December 19th, 2019 at 1:05pm.

Selling your Santa Cruz home in the winter

It’s practically common knowledge that selling your home in the winter is not ideal.

Potential homebuyers are more likely to move in the summer season before schools starts up and are more likely to look for homes while the weather is still warm.

The Santa Cruz real estate market, though, is not as greatly affected by this seasonal fluctuation as are other cities across the country. Luckily, the weather is always warm in Santa Cruz, so homebuyers are still keen to shop around even in the winter months.

That being said, it’s definitely more difficult to sell your home in the wintertime because of a whole slew of reasons.

But it’s not impossible.

Here are some expert tips for selling your Santa Cruz home in the winter:

Price it Right

It’s extremely common for home buyers to buy a home in the summertime before school starts and before the holidays. This means that there are fewer potential buyers in the winter, which creates more competition for sellers.

To give yourself a competitive edge over other sellers, you need to price your home right.

Homes prices across the country have dropped as much as 10% during the winter, but this is not typically the case for Santa Cruz real estate.

Even so, you need to be strategic when pricing your home.

Luckily, real estate professionals are experts at this. They’ll work to get you the highest home price possible relative to the market.

Stage Your Home for the Season

Home staging is a major player when it comes to selling your home quickly and for the best price possible. It makes the home seem welcoming to a wide variety of potential buyers.

When you’re selling your Santa Cruz home in the winter, you can use the season to your advantage.

Use all of the same staging strategies as always, like moving your furniture away from the walls, removing clutter, and depersonalizing the space. But you should also make the space cozy for the winter.

Drape warm throws on your sofa and place textured pillows on the bed. Make your house feel warm and homey.

You can add accents and decorations that highlight the season, like poinsettia flowers and lightly scented candles.

Even though the winter season may have its disadvantages, you can make the most of it when staging your home.

Don’t Forget to Landscape

Just because spring has passed doesn’t mean you can let your landscaping go. Especially when you’re selling your home.

In fact, if you’re selling your home in the winter, you have to be extra diligent about keeping your yard all spruced up. This way, you can impress all potential home buyers from the moment they first lay their eyes on your home.

Having a clean yard will also show home buyers that even when it’s rainy and windy in Santa Cruz, your yard is easy to maintain.

And what more could anyone ask for?

Make sure you tidy up the yard by raking any fallen leaves and trimming any low hanging branches.

Seal Up Any Drafts

Although the weather doesn’t get extremely cold here in Santa Cruz, the temperature is certainly lower than it is during the summer.

Knowing this, make sure to repair any windows and doors around the house that let in drafts. Since home buyers will be viewing your home in the winter, they’re almost certainly going to sense them.

While you go around the house looking for drafts, search for any other minor things that might need to be repaired.

Nothing turns a potential buyer away like a home is disrepair.


In the end, selling your home in the winter is all about good marketing.

As long as you market your home well, you won’t have any trouble selling your Santa Cruz home.

Contact Lauren Spencer today to learn more about the Santa Cruz real estate market. She will give you expert advice on selling your home in the winter season.

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