Preparing Your Santa Cruz Home to Be an Airbnb

Posted by Lauren Spencer on Wednesday, November 27th, 2019 at 2:45pm.

Santa Cruz is a popular vacation spot year round for its phenomenal weather and world-class beaches.

Visitors from across the world love to get a taste of this beautiful place we call home, so why not show them a good time by turning a room in your home into an Airbnb?

Since Santa Cruz has a large tourism industry, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll be scheduling bookings for your Airbnb from the moment you first post it online.

So, if you’re thinking of becoming a host, here’s how you can prepare you Santa Cruz home to be an Airbnb:

Designate a Spot in Your Home

Whether it’s a bedroom, an in-law suite, or a carriage house, you need to designate a specific spot in your house to be the Airbnb.

Where you choose your Airbnb to be depends on what your home and property allows. It’s ideal if you have a carriage house or an in-law suite with a separate entrance, so your guests can come and go as they please, without disturbing you.

If you’re only wanting to rent out a room, choose one that has an exterior door if possible.

Although, not all homes allow for this set-up. And that’s perfectly fine!

Make sure your guests know exactly which parts of the home they can use so they don’t overstep their boundaries.

Clean Up the Space

Out of all the things guests can rate your Airbnb on, the most important is possibly cleanliness. So, make sure the space is absolutely spotless!

Be sure to clean all mirrors and floors, as well as bed sheets and duvets. Nothing should be left untouched.

In addition to making your space sparkle, you’ll want to declutter it as well. This means removing all oversized and unnecessary furniture.

You’re trying to make a hotel room out of your home, so remove any personalized items, like family photos or sports trophies.

Also, make sure all of the drawers and closets are cleared out. There’s nothing worse than opening up a closet to find someone else’s belongings.

Outfit the Space with New Homeware

When guests stay at your Airbnb, they’re able to rate the space on style. To ensure you have good ratings, create a stylish space with new homeware and furniture.

Although you don’t have to buy all new furniture, it’s a good idea to spruce up the space if the furniture is looking tired or well-used.

If you’re interested in getting new furniture, buy something inexpensive. This way if it gets damaged from regular use, it won’t be something of great value.

Consider adding small appliances to the space, like a coffee maker or kettle. Little details like these add to the guest experience.

Other goods like fans and blackout curtains are excellent details that put your Airbnb above the average.

When you prepare your Santa Cruz home to be an Airbnb, buy new homeware goods, like towels and bedding. You’ll want to make sure everything is clean and fresh for your guests.

Make sure you have basic toiletries stocked in the bathroom, like soap and shampoo. You should also have a box of tissues and a roll of paper towels.

Make a Good Check-In Experience

Oftentimes, when people search for Airbnbs in Santa Cruz, they specifically look for ones that have a simple check-in experience.

A good check-in can be different for every home, but generally, it’s best to have a lock box where guests can find their room/house key. This way, they don’t have to rely on meeting you at a certain time to check-in.

If a lock box isn’t possible, make sure you give your guests clear instructions about the check-in process before they come for their stay.

Another important part in the check-in process is the parking. There are tons of visitors that come from out of town by car, so make sure they have a designated parking spot.

Spring and summer are popular times for tourism in Santa Cruz, so now is the time to start preparing your home to be an Airbnb. For more questions on Santa Cruz real estate, contact Lauren Spencer today!

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