How to Buy a Home in Santa Cruz During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Posted by Lauren Spencer on Tuesday, April 14th, 2020 at 11:55am.

Buying a home in Santa Cruz during the coronavirus pandemic

It’s possible to say that every single industry in America has been affected by COVID-19. This is especially true for those in California.

Because of the virus, many businesses in Santa Cruz have had to shut their doors indefinitely. And others have had to completely reinvent the way they retail.

And that’s exactly what’s happening with the real estate industry.

Buying a home during this pandemic is a little different than it once was since buyers can no longer visit open houses or walk through properties as freely as they once could, but the real estate industry in Santa Cruz has been classified as an essential business, which means that we can help you buy or sell a home during this time.

Here is a complete guide to buying a home in Santa Cruz during the Coronavirus pandemic:

Start Your Home Search Early

Buying a home in Santa Cruz during the pandemic can take a lot longer than usual. Every single process has to be carefully planned out to ensure the community is safe and healthy. And it’s for this reason why you should start your home search early.

If you plan on buying a home in Santa Cruz, begin your search online a few months before you plan on moving. This will give you plenty of time to sort everything out.

Online is the best place to start when looking for a home. You can see all the latest real estate listings all in one place, so you won’t miss a beat.

With, you can refine your home searches by price, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as other key amenities.

One of the best parts about searching for your new home on this site is that you can search by neighborhood. The community pages will help you find the home of your dreams in the best neighborhoods around Santa Cruz. And while you’re on those pages, you can learn about all the best amenities in and around town.

Consult With A Real Estate Agent

Consulting with a real estate agent while searching for a home online is one of the best ways to find the home of your dreams.

Your real estate agent can help you refine your home search so you can find homes that best suit you and your lifestyle. When you work with Lauren Spencer, she can send you the latest listings that fit to your criteria right to your inbox. This makes shopping for a home easier than ever.

Also, if there is any missing information on a listing, you can contact your agent for more info. This way, you can make informed decisions about buying a new home.

Take a Live Video Tour

Since touring a home in person is not widely available during the pandemic, the best way to view a home is by virtual tours.

Some real estate listings in Santa Cruz offer full video tours directly on the listing page, making this process easier than ever. You can virtually walk through the home to see its layout and livability.

If the listing doesn’t already have a virtual tour option, your real estate agent can help! They will go to the home on your behalf and take a video for you. You can even speak with them live to get a feel of the home.

If you’re taking a live virtual tour with your real estate agent, be sure to ask all the same questions that you would if you were touring the home in person. Some of these questions may be: Do the cabinets have soft close hinges? What kind of countertops are in the home?

Get a Home Inspection

Getting a home inspection has never been more important than during a pandemic.

Your home inspector will go through the home to make sure everything is up and running the way it should.

They will also inform you if there are any issues with the home. The last thing you want is to buy a home just to find out that it needs a new roof or new plumbing.

If you’re unsure of who to hire, contact your real estate agent. They know all the most reliable professionals in Santa Cruz.

Make an Offer

After you’ve found the home of your dreams, it’s time to make an offer.

Since the home inventory in Santa Cruz is substantially lower than it was in 2019, home values have remained relatively stable during this time. This means that you'll have to work with your real estate agent to craft a desirable offer that the seller cannot refuse. Lauren Spencer is an expert at putting together competitive offers that will get you the best price the market will allow.

When it comes to making an offer, everything will be done remotely. Even so, all of the usual processes are the same.

Close the Deal

After a deal has been negotiated between you and the seller, the final step is to close the deal. This means signing papers and getting all your legal work done.

Most of the signatures can be faxed in so that you do not have to go into an office in person.

As for the legal work, many lawyers are now offering remote services as well.

Once everything is signed, then the keys to your new home will be delivered to you.

Even though the entire home buying process will be conducted online, it’s easier than ever to find the home of your dreams in Santa Cruz. If you’re buying a home in Santa Cruz during the Covid-19 pandemic, contact Lauren Spencer today! She will guide you through all the processes so that your real estate journey is as stress free as possible!

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