Emerging Interior Design Trends for 2019

Posted by Lauren Spencer on Wednesday, September 4th, 2019 at 10:24am.

Interior design trends 2019

Like fashion and food, interior design goes through trends with furniture going in and out of style at the change of every season. As this industry continuously evolves, it seems impossible to keep up with contemporary decor.

But, you don’t have to spend a lot of time and money keeping your interior design in tune with current trends.

By simply adding and replacing small items from your existing furniture collection, you can modernize your designs and transform your living spaces.

Here are the emerging interior design trends for 2019 that you can try in your own home to revamp your space:

Brass Fixtures and Hardware

Trendy bathroom with brass faucetsAs design trends are moving away from stainless-steel and polished nickel fixtures, brass is taking over.

Brass fixtures and accents, like kitchen and bathroom faucets, as well as hardware on cupboards, add interest to the space and bring your attention to the small details of the room.

Brass also adds warmth to the design, unlike stainless-steel which creates a cool atmosphere.

Changing out hardware and fixtures is a fairly simple task that will completely modernize your space for an inexpensive price.

Layered Furniture

Trendy living room 2019To add depth to the room, interior designers often choose to layer textures and fabrics.

Throw pillows and thick blankets can be layered on top of couches to create a visually interesting space. You can also add colors and textures to give your design personality.

Now, designers have taken layering beyond simply colours and textures towards scale and height of furniture.

Gone are the days of low profile and mid-century furniture where you practically have to crouch to sit down. Today, designers are choosing larger couches and taller cocktail tables that offer a perfect blend of beauty and utility.

When choosing furniture for your own space, consider the different levels of the room. You can move your attention around the room by adding free-standing lamps that are tall enough to cast light over a shoulder, or by hanging chandeliers that sit at scaled heights.

You can create a dynamic space without spending too much time or money by simply buying a new lamp or piece of art to add to your current collection of furniture.

Warm Colors and Feminine Tones

Trendy pink bedroom 2019For a long time, the interior design trend has been to keep rooms as monochromatic as possible. Many people use muted colors, like off-whites, creams, and greys to create this elegant and sophisticated effect without much effort.

Although this is still trendy in 2019, this year adds a new layer. Now, it’s becoming more and more popular to add feminine tones to the space.

Palettes that include blush, dusty pink, and bronze are coming into style. They add a subtle color to the design that makes the space feel warm and welcoming.

Including earth tones in the decor also adds a degree of warmth that white palettes often can’t achieve.

Adding warm colors and feminine tones to your interior spaces can be as easy as changing up your throw pillows or buying a new blanket to hang over your sofa.

Natural Textiles

Trendy fabrics 2019This year, people have been moving away from synthetic fabrics, like microfiber and polyester, to more natural textiles, like wool, cotton, and linen.

These types of textiles are light and airy compared to synthetic materials that might not breath as well. Natural fabrics are often a better choice for interiors because they’re cleanable and they age well.

When you use fabrics like alpaca and leather, you create a tasteful design with elegant textures.

Consider this trend when buying new furniture for your space. Choose leather or linen couches and seating over synthetic ones.

You can purchase accent pieces, like rugs and throw pillows, to add these natural textiles into your own collection of furniture.Trendy light fixtures 2019

Unique Light Fixtures

Minimalist and Scandinavian designs have slowly been losing their popularity over the past year as more and more people want to show off personality in their space.

To create this effect, designers and homeowners are using unique accents and art pieces that have funky shapes and bright colors.

A common trend is to incorporate unique light fixtures.

Oftentimes, people choose minimalist lights so they can disappear into the space. But, when you choose dramatic lighting, you draw the eye up and create a dynamic design.

Many homeowners are choosing artisanal light fixtures that have pops of color and curvy shapes.

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