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When making one of the largest investments of your life, it’s important to take the task of finding a Santa Cruz real estate agent very seriously. It may be easy to find enthusiastic professionals, but when they’re advising you on such a huge financial deal, you’ll want a successful expert you can completely trust. Below are 5 steps to finding the right Realtor for you!

1. Discover a Santa Cruz real estate agent.
Make sure to get referrals from family, friends, neighbors and colleagues. It might also be a good idea to visit open houses in your area in order to meet Realtors in person and see them in action.

2. Research their work.
Once you’ve narrowed down the list, then it’s time to do a little online stalking. Check the listings they have posted

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House hunting is a complicated process. From finding the right home, to locking down a mortgage rate you can afford, it is a process that requires an attention to detail and a well-thought-out plan. Below are seven steps to take as you begin house hunting to ensure you stay focused and on budget.

1. Establish your goal. Searching for your dream house? Upgrading your current digs or looking to downsize? Whatever the goal is behind your impending home purchase, be sure you understand it clearly before beginning your house hunt. This will eliminate wasted time spent viewing homes that don’t meet your top priority.

2. Create a wish list. Once your primary objective is in place, it’s time to list all of the additional features and amenities you expect

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The real estate market has started to recover from the downturn over the last few years, and more people are thinking about buying a place to live. An interesting trend seems to be developing. Instead of going for larger homes, many people are choosing micro-dwellings. Densely populated areas such as San Francisco and New York City are planning apartments that have approximately 300 square feet of living space!

Think this shrinking of real estate space applies only to multi-family dwellings? Think again. You can also find tiny single-family homes — some of which are even portable. If you’re still not convinced, read on to discover many of the factors drawing buyers to a smaller living space.

• A lower price tag - The cost of these Santa Cruz homes

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Buying Santa Cruz real estate doesn’t just give you a place to live; it can also be a very smart financial move. This is because owning a home is like having a forced savings account, which you are committed to for the long term.

Sometimes saving money is difficult; many people don’t have the discipline needed to contribute to savings every month. However, paying your mortgage every month means that you are paying down the principal and working toward eventually owning the property. In the early years of the mortgage, the payments will go primarily to the interest on the loan; but over time, you will accelerate to paying off the entire mortgage.

Make yourself wealthy, instead of your landlord
In the long term, this can be a much better financial

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An older Santa Cruz home can offer a lot more charm and character than the newer houses of today. They boast gabled roofs, crown moldings, hardwood floors and antique fixtures. Buying an old house is like buying a piece of local history. Its beautiful period features can give it a timeless beauty and grace that is hard to resist.

However, sometimes buying a house from another era is an endeavor fraught with potential problems. Older houses are not necessarily built to the same electrical or plumbing standards of today. If they have not been maintained correctly through the years, they can turn into a serious money pit or a potential hazard.

Here are six tips that you should keep in mind if you are considering buying an older Santa Cruz home:

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