Why Winter Is A Great Time to Buy A Home in Santa Cruz

Posted by Lauren Spencer on Wednesday, November 14th, 2018 at 8:02am.

Why Winter Is A Great Time to Buy A Home in Santa Cruz

Now that we’re well into November, are you starting to lose hope in your Santa Cruz home search?

Think again.

Even with Santa Cruz’s mild temperatures and gorgeous year-round landscaping, it seems as though sellers and buyers alike choose to hit pause on their real estate journeys until springtime rolls around. The holiday season often puts a stall on the Santa Cruz real estate market, but this can mean more opportunity for the determined and flexible buyer.

While there may be less inventory available, winter can be an ideal time to buy in Santa Cruz; you might just find your dream home at the right price.

If you’re planning to halt your Santa Cruz real estate search until the new year, here are just a few reasons to reconsider.

Santa Cruz's Year-Round Splendor

Let’s face it:

Santa Cruz is absolutely breathtaking. Residents are lucky to experience comfortable temperatures and endless sunshine.

Many sellers of the world have difficulty in the winter months when their homes are naturally less attractive, due to snow, rain, and a general dreariness in the air. Beautiful Santa Cruz does not share this problem, as the weather here is notably spectacular regardless of season.

While buyers in other areas don’t want to go out in the cold to search for a new home, in Santa Cruz, you will have the distinct advantage of commuting sans snow and viewing each home with relative ease.

If you’re currently searching for a Santa Cruz home, you’re likely aware of the community’s striking natural beauty and relaxed atmosphere. By continuing your search through the winter months, you may not have to deal with the high demand that marks Santa Cruz’s peak season.

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Less Competition

Through the Santa Cruz winter, with kids in school and the holiday season approaching, sellers typically have more on their minds beyond selling their home. While this can mean less inventory available for prospective buyers to choose from, it also means less competition.

If you can find your dream Santa Cruz home in the winter mix, you have a better chance of not only calling it your own, but enjoying a much more efficient home buying process than at other times of the year.

Sellers Are Eager

Winter is historically a slower month for real estate, and individual sellers might be much less willing to deal with any negotiation hassles - especially if they’re selling their home out of necessity.

Sellers often take their homes off the market altogether for the winter season, so if a seller is adamant on keeping their home on the market, it could mean they’re on a time crunch for one reason or another. In this case, you might not have to engage in as much negotiation, and there might be a shorter time frame between making an offer and move-in date.

Mortgages Are Easier To Acquire

Like the real estate market, banks often experience a slower season during the Santa Cruz winter as less people are seeking a mortgage. If you’re looking to buy in winter, you may receive special treatment from banks in the way of lower interest rates, less paperwork, or other bonuses that peak season buyers might not have the privilege of enjoying.

Depending on whether you’re looking to make a decision on your new Santa Cruz home before or after Christmas, it’s wise to keep in mind that mortgage rates might increase next year. Regardless of circumstances, if you’re interested in buying or selling your Santa Cruz home, it’s always important to be aware of the financial climate and how the market may affect you.

Prices May Be Lower

With fewer buyers seeking a home in the Santa Cruz winter, supply will most likely exceed demand. This translates to lower real estate prices than during other times of the year.

Although beautiful Santa Cruz does not have to deal with the frigid conditions of other parts of the world, prospective buyers can still benefit from a slower real estate season. While people are typically busier and inventory is smaller at this time of year, if you’re flexible with your time and diligent with your searching, you might just find your ideal Santa Cruz home in winter.

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