What Can You Sell, Besides Your Santa Cruz Condo?

Posted by Lauren Spencer on Saturday, October 31st, 2009 at 1:10pm.

When buyers are looking at a Santa Cruz condo, they aren’t just looking at the place itself. Although how a home looks on the inside is important, many are also looking at the surrounding neighborhood. When you get ready to sell your home, start thinking about what other things you can sell. Here’s a short list of other benefits to promote:

• Condo Association – Every Santa Cruz condo has some sort of governing body like the Home Owner’s Association or Community Association. How good is yours? Does your condo association listen to the needs of the owners? Do they keep the building in good repair? If your association is one of the best, brag about it!

• Cost of utilities – How much do your utilities cost? This could be a strong selling point in your favor. If the overall cost of your utilities is low, make sure you tell your real estate agent. They’ll know the best time to mention this information.

• Surrounding neighborhood – Nobody wants to move into a bad neighborhood. What can you say about yours that is positive? Are there sidewalks?  (Sidewalks are becoming more and more important to buyers.) Are there nearby parks? Do you live in a low crime area? These are all good selling points, and should not be left out!

• Schools – Although most families aren’t looking for condos, there’s always the chance that a family will look at yours. They’ll also be looking at the quality of the neighboring schools. How do your schools rank? Are they strong on education? Again, make sure you tell your real estate agent!

Selling a Santa Cruz condo isn’t necessarily as hard as it may sound, even with the current real estate market. However, with the amount of competition out there, every little bit helps. Pay attention to all the good things you enjoy about your home and make sure potential buyers know about them!

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Community Association

Surrounding neighborhood

How do your schools rank? 

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