Want To Work From Your Santa Cruz Home?

Posted by Lauren Spencer on Friday, August 14th, 2015 at 8:19am.

Find the perfect home office when looking at homes for sale in Santa Cruz

Here are some tips on how to setup your home office for success.

Residents of Santa Cruz are spending more time working from home than ever before. As technology has evolved over the years and job markets have shifted, homebuyers are in search of good home office spaces now more than ever. It's critical that if you're going to work from home, you establish a space that nurtures productivity and creativity. Here a few expert tips on how to set up the home office of your dreams.

Find the Perfect Home & Office

On our real estate quest, we're going to be doing double-duty by searching for your perfect all-in-one home and office. Something to look for when browsing the Santa Cruz listingsis a decently-sized den or room that includes an ample amount of natural light and space.

If your current home office is a bit cramped, try adding mirrors and painting with brighter colors. You can actually trick your mind into thinking the room is bigger than it is.

Decorating Your Home's Office

Experts suggest implementing a clean, minimalist design approach to your office, like all beige or white. After establishing this clean-cut look, you can add subtle pops of color to break keep the atmosphere and keep it simple, yet cheerful.

Be sure to purchase furniture with storage. It's extremely easy for the home office to fall into disarray when you don't have a place to put everything. Help yourself stay organized by proactively buying stylish yet storage-friendly equipment.

Keep it cozy. One of the best parts about working at home is that you have complete control over your surroundings! Include simple elements like plants and photos that will boost your office's homey atmosphere just enough so it's not your living room, nor a drab office cubicle.

It's All About The Chair

A good chair is the key to productivity and future back-health.

Another thing to consider is your flooring when buying an office chair. That will help you determine if you need one with feet or rollers, and if you're going to need a mat to go underneath it so you don't damage your floors.

High Demand For Home Office Spaces In Santa Cruz, California

Prospective homebuyers get weak at the knees when they see a clean and organized office space. It's inspiring, and it can make them want that office space too. When getting ready to sell a home, a majority of a seller's concerns are placed on beautifying the kitchen, bathroom, and living room. If you start out with a terrific office space from day one, you're setting yourself and your home up for success in the long run.

Interested in learning more? Contact us for more information about home office spaces. Together, we can identify your needs and find the perfect home in Santa Cruz to suit your work and lifestyle requirements.

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