Top 3 Real Estate Calculators for Buying Santa Cruz Homes for Sale

Posted by Lauren Spencer on Wednesday, November 25th, 2009 at 11:17am.

If you’re looking at one of the many Santa Cruz homes for sale (and especially when reading about buying a home), you’ve probably already read articles that ask, “How much house can you afford?” and “Can you really afford the mortgage for a new home?” From beginning to end, to get a good estimate, you’ll need to figure monthly payments, loan qualification guidelines, closing costs and much more. Frankly, all those calculations can set your head to reeling.

To cut down on some of the frustration, save a few trees from the paper you’d use up and help give you a better guestimate, I’ve decided to go looking for the best real estate calculators I could find on the Net. Here are my top 3 picks I’ve come across:

#3. Real Estate Calculator Suite – This product seems to be an excellent choice for anyone, whether you’re a homebuyer, seller or even, yes, a real estate agent like me. Sixteen different real estate and mortgage calculators can help you figure out refinancing costs, amortization schedules – even whether it’s better to rent or buy one the Santa Cruz homes for sale. Although it’s $40.00, which might seem rather expensive to many, it could more than make up for the time you’d spend staring at a sheet of paper and numbers. To top it all off, it even includes a home inspection form and to do list for movers, tying your buying or selling experience up nicely.

#2. Yahoo! Real Estate Calculators – You can’t beat a search engine for information, and the Yahoo! Real Estate really does a thorough job in collecting a fantastic amount of calculators. Budgeting and finance, mortgage refinancing, deciding fixed or adjustable rate mortgages and more are all available on this one page. The major upside as compared to the Real Estate Calculator Suite is that it’s free.

#1. – CNN isn’t a worldwide news network for nothing, and they’ve taken their complete coverage to calculators. On one page, you have over thirty calculators to figure out everything. Compare costs of living for any area, figure out how much house you can afford, calculate the gain or loss on your home and more. As a bonus, it’s all free, too.

I ranked as the top due to the amazing amount of information you can gain in one place. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t try one of the others, or even all three. If you want one of the Santa Cruz homes for sale, get to calculating, get informed and see what you can accomplish.

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