Tips For Baby Boomers Entering The Santa Cruz Real Estate Market

Posted by Lauren Spencer on Tuesday, June 7th, 2016 at 2:30pm.

No matter what age you are, buying a home is always one of the most exciting times in your life. If you’ve been in your current home for several years, it’s probably been while since you purchased your last home. This is where many Baby Boomers are at nowadays; the kids are all grown up with families of their own, and it just doesn’t make sense to keep maintaining a large home anymore. Whether you’re looking to downsize or move into your dream retirement home, there are a few things about buying a home in 2016 that might be different from the last time you entered the market.

Start Your Home Search Online

Years ago, the first step to buying a home was to hire a real estate agent, because back then it was seemingly impossible to find the right home without one. Nowadays, with the entire database of online listings at your fingertips and mobile apps for your phone, it’s easier than ever to search for homes. Now you can find a home you like based on your particular search criteria, check out the photos of the inside, and even take a virtual tour. You can even strengthen your buying power by applying for pre-approval online to help whittle down your budget before your search.

While buying a pair of shoes online is a pretty common concept these days, many buyers who are looking to buy from afar complete their entire transaction online, from start to finish. We’ll expand on that a little later.

Find An Agent Who Understands Your Needs

So, with such a wealth of information available and pages upon pages of real estate agents on Google, how do you know which agent is right for you? You can start the buying process on your own with the abundance of online tools, but eventually you’re going to want, and need, the invaluable experience that only comes when working with a Santa Cruz real estate agent. A real estate professional will provide you with market data, facilitate meetings, and negotiate on your behalf, not to mention deal with the mounds of paperwork. As a Baby Boomer, you’re going to have different needs and considerations than a first-time homebuyer or luxury client. You might be thinking about downsizing, simplifying, or want a space that you can gracefully age into.

So, how do you find the right agent for you? Always start by asking your family and friends for their recommendations. Then, search online for public and private testimonials. Everyone’s reputation is online these days, so you should be able to find a good amount of information to help you make your decision.

Get Ready For A Digital Transaction

The way we buy and sell goods has been revolutionized by the internet over the last decade, and the same can be said about the way we buy homes as well. One of the biggest changes you’ll notice if you haven’t bought a home in a while is that nearly the entire transaction can be done online. From online signatures to bank transfers, nearly the entire process is digital. Your agent can send you a digital version of the contract, which you can sign and email back. Any counter offers can be sent back this way as well. Even the lending process will likely require you to submit your documents digitally, so having access to a printer with a scanner in it will prove invaluable.

If you’re daunted by the digital processes, fret not; a good real estate agent will empathize with you and help you through the whole process. If you’re in the market again for the first time in a long time or are a recent retiree that’s ready to find your perfect home in Santa Cruz or surrounding areas, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with Lauren Spencer at 800.226.4717 or send her a message today! Learn more about Lauren, view her testimonials, and check out more of her resources for senior homebuyers.

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