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If your Santa Cruz home is on the market, you know there’s an inspection in your future. With that in mind, plan to spend a week or so getting ready for the inspection.

1. Make sure the inspector has access to all areas of your Santa Cruz home. Here are some of the most important places:
a. Attic. If your attic is accessed through a closet, take time to clear away clutter so the inspector can get up there quickly and easily. Have a ladder at the ready if needed.
b. Basement. Clear everything away from the exterior walls of the basement so they can be seen.
c. Utilities. Clear around the furnace, air conditioner, water heater and circuit breaker boxes.
d. Foundation. Clear brush away from the foundation.

2. Keep electricity on. If your Santa Cruz home is

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When you see “motivated seller” in real estate listings, does that mean the sellers are desperate to sell their Santa Cruz home and are open to negotiation?  Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Do not assume it means you’re going to get the home at a bargain price.

When you see “motivated seller” in real estate listings, it could mean a wide variety of things including:

1. The seller is willing to accept a lower price or give some concessions.
2. The Santa Cruz home could be near foreclosure.
3. The sellers want to see an offer before canceling the listing.
4. It’s a marketing strategy. (In other words, it means nothing.)

Here are some tips on how to deal with motivated sellers:

1. Decide if you really want to buy the Santa Cruz home. Don’t buy it just

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