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You know that you can lend money to your child to help him or her buy Santa Cruz real estate.  But you’d like to explore some other financial arrangements to determine which option is the most advantageous for you and your child.

Here are four additional ways to help your child buy Santa Cruz real estate:

1. Give the down payment as a gift.

Before deciding whether to make the money a gift or a loan, consider what moral message you may be sending.  You don’t want your child to develop a sense of entitlement and take for granted that he or she can come to you any time money is needed.

If you decide you do want to give part or all of the down payment as a gift, consult with your financial adviser to determine the amount you can give away without

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If you have a piece of Santa Cruz real estate and you’re trying to figure out whether to sell it or rent it, here are a few things to think about before doing either:

1.  How much rent can you charge?  Your rent will need to cover the costs, including mortgage, taxes and insurance.  In addition, you’ll need liability insurance, as well as an additional 5 to 10 percent for unexpected maintenance.  If your area’s typical rent amounts won’t cover your costs, you probably don’t want to rent.

2.  Do you have other ways to cover a down payment?  If you’re moving to another piece of property, but relying on the equity in your current Santa Cruz real estate for the down payment, you don’t want to rent.

3.  Do you have the time?  Becoming a landlord means

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There are several important criteria to consider when buying Santa Cruz real estate for investment. Some of the items will vary depending on the reason you are buying and the type of investment you are looking to make.

Long term investments such as rental properties can take longer to pay off but the income is consistent.  Short term investments such as buying for quick flips may pay off larger but can be a less regular form of income.

When buying a home for either long or short term real estate investments, it is very important to know exactly what your costs will be compared to potential income. That should be your primary deciding factor when buying investment properties.

Short Term Santa Cruz Real Estate Investments

When you are looking at

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