Steps to Make Your Santa Cruz Home Into a Green Home

Posted by Lauren Spencer on Monday, December 3rd, 2012 at 1:01am.

When you look at all the recent improvements in green technology, it is easier than ever before to transform your Santa Cruz home into a green home. If your home is a green energy home, you will use renewable sources for your power, hot water, security and heating. Numerous methods exist to transform your traditional home into that of a green home.

The first step you can implement around your home is that of solar power. In your green home, you can implement a solar heating system to provide heat and help store enough water for usage. Using solar panels can help convert the rays from the sun and turn them into power. If you were to purchase these items and have them installed by a specialist, it could end up costing you a significant amount of money. Numerous guides and resources are available to help you produce your own solar panels and hot water systems that are easier for the average homeowner to afford.

If your Santa Cruz home is still in the remodeling phase, you can employ the use of solar technology during the building process. Those who are in the Northern Hemisphere should utilize the southern sides of their home for heating and cooling purposes. When you implement heat regulating bricks and an abundance of light efficient windows on the southern side of your home, it will help turn your ordinary home into a green home in no time.

Another option is to install a windmill on your premises. Since windmills are driven by the wind, they are able to generate power and pump water into the home from an exterior source. You have the option of affixing the turbine to your roof or somewhere in your yard to help provide a clean means of electric power. Just like that of solar panels, a domestic windmill can be installed and purchased commercially, but they can be quite expensive. Over the years, numerous sets that are affordable to the average homeowner have entered into the market. It allows people to make their own turbines. You will also be able to install your own type of green energy into your home.

To add effectiveness to an existing Santa Cruz green home, you can use a stream located nearby to help produce a hydroelectric means of power. If you are searching for an alternative that is free from pollutants and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, you will love what this form of power brings to the table. As long as you have a running stream, you will have a valuable source of green power.

For the ultimate green energy experience, you would need to combine all of the aforementioned energy sources. When you utilize the power of the wind, sun and water to produce electricity, you are going to save significantly on your energy costs. Thanks to all of the potential profits from the consumption of your power, you will be working to help reduce your carbon footprint. When you combine passive solar architecture with a solar heating system into your green Santa Cruz home, your necessity for power from any traditional fuel will be dramatically reduced and you will be living among an energy dream.

Green homes will not require any more maintenance than that of a traditional home. Wind generators only need an occasional oiling to maintain maximum efficiency and solar technology only requires a minimal amount of maintenance. To start living a cleaner life, implement green energy into your life and your Santa Cruz home. As with some financing options, if you are worried about getting a mortgage that’s right for your needs, try looking into a green mortgage loan today and search for the basic and trends on EEMs or Energy Efficient Mortgage Loans. A lot of options are currently available and you just have to be sure with your choice of contractor and make sure you review and learn about different tips to energy conservation on your homes.

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