Seven Tips for a Painless Closing on Your Santa Cruz Real Estate

Posted by Lauren Spencer on Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012 at 1:01am.

The closing is the final step in purchasing your Santa Cruz real estate. The closing date is set during the negotiation phase and is usually several weeks after the offer is formally accepted. During the closing, the buyer and seller complete the purchase contract and ownership of the property is transferred to the buyer.

Before the closing can occur, all terms of the purchase contract must be met. As you can imagine, problems can come up which delay the closing.  Here are seven tips to ensure a smooth and problem-free closing on your Santa Cruz real estate:

1. Communicate. Talk with all parties involved in the deal, from your agent to your lender, and discuss what to expect.  Get in touch with each of them to make sure they have everything they need from you for a hassle-free closing.

2. Do a final walk-through. Before you close, it’s critical to do a final walk-through to check that all repairs agreed upon were actually done. You also want to ensure that everything is in the state that you expect it to be in.

3. Anticipate errors in the paperwork.  There could be missing documents, typos and mistakes in the paperwork.  Before closing day, review all documents thoroughly to catch and fix mistakes.

4. Make sure the money is there.  Talk with your real estate agent to be sure that you will have the money you need, in the right form, at closing.

5. Ask your agent to attend the closing.  You want your trusted agent there to explain to you the purpose of each form you are signing, answer any questions you have and guide you through the process.

6. Expect the unexpected.  Read all documents before signing them.  Any corrections will have to be made before the closing can continue.

7. Plan to take the day off.  You do not want to be late to the closing or be worried about having to go back to work. Spend the rest of the day celebrating!

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