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Posted by Lauren Spencer on Tuesday, October 21st, 2014 at 11:00am.

santa cruz tech jobsSanta Cruz is a great place to live. This is a statement that I, and many others, have been touting for years. However, if you asked many of these same people what makes it such a great place to live, most of them would likely not mention the technology industry or the great tech jobs in Santa Cruz. In fact, many people in the community are unaware of our city's tech sector and still believe that they need to commute to the Silicon Valley to find work. One local organization is trying to change that. Santa Cruz Works, a local nonprofit organization, has set its sights on connecting local tech talent with the growing and thriving tech companies in the area.

Tech Companies In Santa Cruz

Currently, much of our local talent is commuting for hours to the Silicon Valley for work, while numerous tech companies in Santa Cruz are actually looking to expand and attract new employees & investors. Santa Cruz Works was formed to highlight the often over shadowed Santa Cruz tech industry and let locals in on this well-kept secret. The organization hopes to raise awareness and change the perception among the many people who assume that they will need to relocate to large cities like San Francisco or Los Angeles to find great tech jobs.  Their intention is not to create a new tech mecca, but rather let people know that there are great jobs in Santa Cruz and that they do not need to commute for hours to find quality tech jobs. By shining a light on Santa Cruz’s burgeoning tech scene, which is already home to numerous great companies, they can foster an environment of success for both the companies and their employees

Santa Cruz, California Tech Jobs

Tech CEO, and Santa Cruz Works President, Bob Cagle knows a thing or two about the area’s tech industry. After making the daunting commute to the Silicon Valley for years, he decided to start his own software product consulting company in Santa Cruz, his home since 1985. The organization, which includes Bob and other tech leaders in the community, prides itself on providing an unbiased promotion of the local tech industry. They all share a strong sense of community and wish to share the positive benefits that come with working in Santa Cruz. The concept is simple, by choosing to work local, not only do you reduce your expenses and carbon emissions, but gain a significant amount of time to dedicate to family, friends, and other endeavors.

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