Santa Cruz Just Made Housing for Artists Much More Affordable

Posted by Lauren Spencer on Monday, January 16th, 2017 at 2:08pm.

affordable housing for artists in Santa Cruz, CA

When you think about Santa Cruz housing, the words “low-income” often don’t cross your mind. But that’s soon to change with the amazing affordable housing options created by the Tannery Arts Center.

After the Ghost Ship warehouse fire in Oakland, where 36 artists lost their lives, communities in California and around the country are looking for better options to serve artists and low-income individuals. One of the most significant steps towards this type of sustainable and safe affordable housing is located in Santa Cruz with the Tannery Arts Center.

What is the Tannery Arts Center?

Formerly the Salz Tannery, this area, located on River Street, was once home to the thriving leather industry that Santa Cruz was built on. The tannery operated for 145 years before shutting down in 2001 due to competition from China and other Asian countries.

After that, the properties were acquired by the Redevelopment Agency of Santa Cruz and were transformed into livable loft spaces for the artistic community. And the Tannery Arts Center was born. These affordable housing Santa Cruz options provide numerous opportunities for the arts to flourish in the area.

Who Does it Help?

The Tannery Arts Center is home to numerous artists and creative individuals. It provides simple loft living for those who need space for their creative pursuits. With options for artists to take a single room loft, two bedrooms, and even three bedrooms, it provides a safe living space for artists and their families. The Tannery has housed numerous professionals from art teachers to professional musicians.

In order to be accepted into the lofts, residents must meet certain guidelines including specific salaries and more. Low-income housing, Santa Cruz ensures that artists in the area can continue to produce beautiful artworks and help shape the culture in Santa Cruz while living a healthy and sustainable life.

Why is The Tannery Arts Center Special?

In many communities, it’s difficult for artists to find space to live that is affordable and functional. This is why many artists gravitate towards lofts, warehouses, and other industrial spaces. In many cases, their very presence starts the process that leads to rising prices, eventually driving out the artists who settled there in the first place. This is why the Tannery Arts Space is special, it’s a low-income option designed for artists to thrive. The lofts are convenient, bright, and spacious, perfect for creative types who need space for their next project.

Even the common areas and hallways get the artistic treatment, as many artists hang their work in the hall, creating a pseudo-gallery that also promotes a sense of community within the building.

Although Santa Cruz is known for its luxury properties and expensive market, knowing that programs such as the Tannery Arts Center support artists is a welcome thought for the community. It promotes the arts, which, in turn, benefits everyone, making the Tannery Arts Center a great model for other Bay Area communities to try.

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