Santa Cruz County Real Estate Selling Mistake #1,364: The Forgotten Spaces

Posted by Lauren Spencer on Saturday, November 27th, 2010 at 11:01pm.

You’re going down the checklist just before your agent puts your Santa Cruz County real estate on the market:

Curb appeal: check
Tasteful fall decorations: check
No major repairs needed: check
Minor repairs fixed: check
Clutter gone: check

You’re pretty sure you haven’t forgotten anything. However, one of the many selling mistakes both big and small that people make is forgetting to check all the nooks and crannies of the property.

How old is your Santa Cruz County real estate?
The older a home is the more chance there is of having an easily forgotten, seldom seen crawlspace. The problem with crawlspaces is you never know what they might be crawling with – and neither does the potential buyer until they ask to see it.

What are the challenges with crawlspaces?
Because the crawlspace is an area, normally shallow, between the dirt and the first floor, it’s an unprotected, usually dirty, area of your home. Termites, spiders, rodents (as in, rats, mice and other biting things with teeth), mold and other types of fungus could all be making their homes below yours. As well, it can be a place heat and air conditioning escapes, raising your heating bills.

A good school of thought to remember is if it’s in your crawlspace it’s in your house. While this might not (necessarily) mean the rodents and bugs are in your home, it does mean the air from the crawlspace is part of the air you breathe. Water can collect and cause mold in the air that rises through the floorboards. Humid summer air can make it more expensive to cool the house.

What can you do?
A crawlspace liner helps protect the home from moisture, little biting animals and destructive insects. It helps keep your home more energy efficient, providing up to 18% less energy loss. It cuts down on mold. Lastly, it ensures even the nooks and crannies of your Santa Cruz County real estate are ready for the buyer – no matter where they want to look.

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