Santa Cruz County Home Buyer's Remorse: You Don't Have To Sweat It

Posted by Lauren Spencer on Thursday, January 20th, 2011 at 11:01pm.

When you fell in love with your new Santa Cruz County home and then got a “yes” from the sellers, you were probably on cloud nine for days. Getting approved for a mortgage on your new Santa Cruz County home went without too many hitches. 

Now, you are lying in bed—sweating. You only have a few days until closing and you toss and turn with visions of mortgage payments dancing in your head.

Take heart, you are not alone. It is a familiar scenario that happens to just about everyone faced with signing on the bottom line for a new home and 30 years worth of payments. It's called buyer's remorse. It is the equivalent of a soon-to-be bride’s cold feet.  Even though she knows she’s found her perfect match, the idea of a happily ever after forever—FOREVER, is a scary thought.

Once the ceremony (or in the case of a home purchase, the signing) is over, the fear diminishes or goes away entirely. One way to help ease your case of the jitters is to do your homework every step of the way.

• Know what you can afford.  Spend some time before you even begin to search for a new Santa Cruz County home working on your budget and knowing exactly how much you can reasonably afford.

• Identify your wants and needs.  Sit down with everyone in the family and make a list of exactly what you desire in a home.

• Don't rush. Even when you find that perfect home, talk with your family about it and consider all the pros and cons before making the final decision.

• Research the community. A house is more than just the building you live in. The community plays an active part in how comfortable you are in your new home.

Buying a new home can be exciting and fun. Don't let fear get the best of you and detract from this exhilarating time.

If you’d like help identifying what you want and need in a Santa Cruz County home or researching a community, I can help.  Give me a call today at 831.662.6522 or for additional information visit my website at


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