Reasons Why Fall is one of the Best Time to Sell Your Santa Cruz Home

Posted by Lauren Spencer on Tuesday, October 24th, 2017 at 12:35pm.

reasons to sell your home in the fall

Living in Santa Cruz has many advantages, and our moderate, northern California climate is just one of them. Changes in temperature and weather might not factor into the success of a home sale as much as they would in markets with more extreme climate fluctuation, but that doesn't mean it's not still important to choose the season you sell in carefully. There are pros and cons to selling at any time of year and the season you choose to put your home on the market should depend on a number of factors. If you're considering moving, upgrading, downsizing, or listing your property for any other reason, don't hesitate to do so now. There are a variety of reasons why fall is a fantastic time to sell your Santa Cruz home — here are a few of them.

Buyer Motivation Is High

Fall is a hectic time for many families; the holidays are coming fast, school has started, and days are shorter. Buyers who have been searching all summer (and maybe even all spring) who haven't found their perfect property yet are going to be extra motivated once fall rolls around, especially if it's essential that they find a place. This gives the seller a little extra leverage and reduces some of the stresses of making a deal during spring and summer when buyers have an abundance of choice. Don't forget that some buyers with school-aged children may urgently want to move closer to a particular school to shorten their commutes! Overall, buyers in fall are often more willing to settle and less likely to waste your time with unreasonably high offers.

Unique Curb Appeal & Presentation

We tend to associate curb appeal with images of homes in the spring and summer — clear, sunny skies, lush lawns, and bright flowers are always stunning to look at. But fall has it's own allure when it comes to home presentation. Gentle breezes, a little fall foliage, and still-bright skies make for a gorgeous combination. The fall atmosphere will make buyers think of cozy autumn meals in plush homes, family time, and the excitement of the school year for those with children. As a result, a home takes on new meaning during this time of year, and the way you present and decorate your home for showings can convey that. Fall interior staging can be uniquely enticing and evoke warmth, comfort, and style. Be creative with autumnal lighting, drapery, textiles, and aromas.

The Weather Is Still Good

Unlike many other cities, fall in Santa Cruz is still generally balmy with plenty of sunshine. Though the days are getting shorter, people are still in good spirits to attend viewings and open houses. Plus, with the rainy winter season at our heels, now is a good time to list your home and have buyers come see it — it will likely be harder to attract buyer attention once December's weather rolls around.

Avoid Holiday Season Stress

Thanksgiving and the Christmas season are often stressful on their own, as we juggle family obligations, work, friends, errands, and events. If it's crucial that you sell your home as soon as possible, you'll avoid a lot of stress by listing in the fall and dodging the holiday season if you can. Though the holidays can be hectic, you still want to enjoy them, and it's tough to do that with real estate responsibilities looming over you. Likewise, even if you don't need to sell right away, missing the chance to sell in the fall and resorting to waiting until spring can be highly frustrating — especially if you had hoped to start the new year in your new home.

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