Re-laminate Your Santa Cruz County Home’s Countertops

Posted by Lauren Spencer on Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010 at 11:01pm.

If you want to freshen up your Santa Cruz County home’s kitchen, redoing the countertops might be a good choice.  It’s quick and easy to install new laminate, and you’ll have almost limitless styles to choose from.  Here’s how to install new laminate on your kitchen countertop:

Measure Countertop
Measure your existing countertop in your Santa Cruz County home’s kitchen and total the results.  Add a few inches to the side and bottom measurements to give you a little wiggle room.  You’ll need to buy contact cement, a putty knife and a utility knife at the home improvement store at the same time as the laminate.

Prepare the Area
First, you’ll have to remove the old laminate.  Leftover laminate and adhesives can make it hard for the new laminate to properly attach to the countertop.  Use a three to four inch putty knife to scrape off the old laminate.

After you’ve removed it all, sand the surface underneath to make sure that any left over adhesive has been completely removed.  Work carefully from one end of the counter to the other and double check your work.  Then wipe the area down with a clean cloth and dry it.

Cut the Laminate and Apply the Cement
Next, you’ll measure and cut the new laminate to the correct size with the utility knife.  Apply the contact cement to the edge of the countertop and press the laminate into place.  Then spread the cement on top of the counter, and press down evenly on the laminate to properly adhere it to the surface.

Go over the entire counter again with equal pressure to seal the contact cement.  Trim the excess laminate with the utility knife.  Then clean the work area with a damp cloth.

You’ll be able to use the countertop shortly after the contact cement dries.  Re-doing the laminate can breathe new life into your Santa Cruz County home’s kitchen without emptying your wallet. 



Install new laminate

Measure Countertop 


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